Submissions from 2011

Wittgenstein on Modernism and the Causal Point of View, Ronald E. Hustwit Sr.

The Predictive Validity of Injury Proxies: Predicting Early Adolescent Injuries with Assessments of Minor Injuries, Bryan T. Karazsia and M. H. M. Van Dulmen

Working with Harold Guetzkow: Reflections from a Last Link in the Chain, Kent J. Kille

The First Jurassic Thecideide Brachiopods from the Middle East: a New Species of Moorellina from the Upper Callovian of Hamakhtesh Hagadol, Southern Israel, C. Krawczyáski and Mark Wilson Mr

Irrational Exuberance? The 2010 Npt Review Conference, Nuclear Assistance, and Norm Change, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Redefining the Nonproliferation Norm? Australian Uranium, the Npt, and the Global Nuclear Revival, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Continuity or Change? The Strategic Culture of Australia, Jeffrey S. Lantis and Andrew Charlton

Habitat Selection, the Included Niche, and Coexistence in Plant-Specialist Frogs from Madagascar, Rick M. Lehtinen and Gerardo L. F. Carfagno

Two New Plant-Breeding Frog Species (Anura: Mantellidae, Guibemantis) from Southeastern Madagascar, Rick M. Lehtinen, F. Glaw, and M. Vences

Live Fast, Die Young? A Six-Year Field Study of Longevity and Survivorship in Blanchard's Cricket Frog (Acris Crepitans Blanchardi), Rick M. Lehtinen and Michael C. MacDonald

Male Vocalizations, Female Discrimination and Molecular Phylogeny: Multiple Perspectives on The Taxonomic Status of a Critically Endangered Caribbean Frog, Rick M. Lehtinen, E. A. Wojtowicz, and A. Hailey

Multi-Wavelength Observations of a Sample of Intermediate-Luminosity Radio-Loud Active Galaxies, Karen T. Lewis, R. M. Sambruna, E. Angelakis, M. Eracleous, C. C. Cheung, and M. Kadler

The Commodification of Pollution and a Preemptive Double Movement in Environmental Governance: the Case of Water Quality Trading, Matthew J. Mariola

Horizontal Dynamics in Transnational Activism: the Case of Nu River Anti-Dam Activism in China, Setsuko Matsuzawa

Culture and Power in The Anthropology of Japan, David L. McConnell

An Integrated Approach to Improve the Scientific Writing of Introductory Biology Students, William Morgan, Dean Fraga, and William J. MacAuley Jr.

Cl 2O Photochemistry: Ultravioletvis Absorption Spectrum Temperature Dependence and O( 3P) Quantum Yield at 193 and 248 Nm, D. K. Papanastasiou, Karl J. Feierabend, and J. B. Burkholder

Fuzzy Classifiers - Opportunities and Challenges, A. Ralescu and Sofia Visa

Corresponding to the Rational World: Scientific Rationales and Language in Christian Science and the Unity School of Christianity, Jeremy Rapport

The Transition from Studying Philosophy to Doing Philosophy, John P. Rudisill

An Exploration of the Content of Stereotypes of Black Politicians, M. C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos

Selective Uptake and Biological Consequences of Environmentally Relevant Antidepressant Pharmaceutical Exposures on Male Fathead Minnows, Melissa M. Schultz, M. M. Painter, S. E. Bartell, Amanda Logue, E. T. Furlong, S. L. Werner, and H. L. Schoenfuss

Protein-Specific Manipulation of Ejaculate Composition in Response to Female Mating Status in Drosophila Melanogaster, Laura K. Sirot, M. F. Wolfner, and S. Wigby

Towards a Semen Proteome of the Dengue Vector Mosquito: Protein Identification and Potential Functions, L. K. Sirot, M. C. Hardstone, M. E. H. Helinski, J. M. C. Ribeiro, M. Kimura, P. Deewatthanawong, M. F. Wolfner, and L. C. Harrington

Identification of Predicted Seminal Fluid Proteins in Tribolium Castaneum, A. South, Laura K. Sirot, and S. M. Lewis

Human Behavioral Contributions to Climate Change: Psychological and Contextual Drivers, J. K. Swim, Susan Clayton, and G. S. Howard

Psychology's Contributions to Understanding and Addressing Global Climate Change, J. K. Swim, P. C. Stern, T. J. Doherty, Susan Clayton, J. P. Reser, E. U. Weber, R. Gifford, and G. S. Howard

Learning Morphological Data of Tomato Fruits, Joshua C. Thomas, Matthew Lambert, Benn Snyder, Michael C. Janning, Jacob Haning, Yanglong Hu, Mohammad Ahmad, and Sofia Visa

Sea-Level Oscillations During the Last Interglacial Highstand Recorded by Bahamas Corals, W. G. Thompson, H. Allen Curran, Mark Wilson Mr, and B. White

The Effect of Class Imbalance, Complexity, Size, and Learning Distribution on Classifier Performance, Sofia Visa

Confusion Matrix-Based Feature Selection, Sofia Visa, B. Ramsay, A. Ralescu, and E. VanDerKnaap

Enhanced Toxicity of the Protein Cross-Linkers Divinyl Sulfone and Diethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate in Comparison to Related Monofunctional Electrophiles, James D. West, Chelsea E. Stamm, Haley A. Brown, Samantha L. Justice, and K. A. Morano

Structure-Activity Comparison of the Cytotoxic Properties of Diethyl Maleate and Related Molecules: Identification of Diethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate as a Thiol Cross-Linking Agent, James D. West, Chelsea E. Stamm, and P. J. Kingsley

Tree-Ring Dates on Two Pre-Little Ice Age Advances in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, Usa, Greg C. Wiles, D. E. Lawson, E. Lyon, Nicholas Wiesenberg, and R. D. D'Arrigo

A New Microconchid Tubeworm from The Artinskian (Lower Permian) of Central Texas, Usa, Mark Wilson Mr, O. Vinn, and T. E. Yancey

Organism-Environment Interactions in a Changing World: a Mechanistic Approach, J. C. Wingfield, J. PatrickKelley, F. Angelier, O. Chastel, F. Lei, Sharon E. Lynn, B. Miner, and J. E. Davis

Origin and Paleoecology of Middle Jurassic Hiatus Concretions from Poland, M. Zatoá, S. Machocka, Mark Wilson Mr, L. Marynowski, and P. D. Taylor

Diverse Sclerozoan Assemblages Encrusting Large Bivalve Shells from the Callovian (Middle Jurassic) of Southern Poland, M. Zatoá, Mark Wilson Mr, and Elyse Zavar

Submissions from 2010

The Facts and fictions of Rockshelter Function, Nigel Brush, P. Nicholas Kardulias, and S. Donaldson

What's in your iPod?, Sibrina Collins

Simplified Method to Extract Biofuels from Aqueous Mixtures Using Organophilic Silicas that Rapidly and Reversibly Swell, Paul L. Edmiston

Detection of Vapor Phase Trinitrotoluene in the Parts-Per-Trillion Range Using Waveguide Interferometry, Paul L. Edmiston, D. P. Campbell, D. S. Gottfried, Jessi A. Baughman, and Margaret M. Timmers

Cio Radical Yields in the Reaction of O( 1D) With Cl 2, Hcl, Chloromethanes, and Chlorofluoromethanes, Karl J. Feierabend, D. K. Papanastasiou, and J. B. Burkholder

Protein Phosphatase 2B (Pp2B, Calcineurin) in Paramecium: Partial Characterization Reveals that Two Members of the Unusually Large Catalytic Subunit Family Have Distinct Roles in Calcium-Dependent Processes, Dean Fraga, I. M. Sehring, R. Kissmehl, M. Reiss, R. Gaines, Robert Hinrichsen, and H. Plattner

Death as Postmodern Topos in José Ramón Fernandez's Para Quemar La Memoria, John P. Gabriele

Fourteen Emerging Voices of Actual Spanish Theater [Catorce Voces Emergentes del Teatro Español Actual], John P. Gabriele

The Education Crisis in French West Africa (1944-1950) [La Crise De L'Enseignement En Afrique Occidentale Française (1944-1950)], Harry Gamble

Preservers of Eigenvalue Inclusion Sets, James Hartman, A. Herman, and C. Li

Borings in Quartzite Surf Boulders from The Upper Cambrian Basal Deadwood Formation, Black Hills of South Dakota, M. E. Johnson, Mark Wilson Mr, and J. A. Redden

Sociocultural and Psychological Links to Men'S Engagement in Risky Body Change Behaviors, Bryan T. Karazsia and J. H. Crowther

Assessing Injuries with Proxies: Implications for Understanding Concurrent Relations and Behavioral Antecedents of Pediatric Injuries, B. T. Karazsia and M. H. M. VanDulmen

World Systems Theory, P. Nicholas Kardulias

Secretary-General Leadership Across the United Nations and Nato: Kofi Annan, Javier Solana, and Operation Allied Force, Kent J. Kille and R. C. Hendrickson

Quantitative Determination of Triclocarban in Wastewater Effluent by Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction and Liquid Desorption-Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry, Dustin R. Klein, David F. Flannelly, and Melissa M. Schultz

The Effects of Different Types of Case Learning on Student Engagement, Matthew Krain

Order and Chaos in the Rotation and Revolution of a Line Segment and a Point Mass, John F. Lindner, Jacob E. Lynn, Frank W. King, and Amanda Logue

A Single Exposure to an Acute Stressor has Lasting Consequences for the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenal Response to Stress in Free-Living Birds, Sharon E. Lynn, Leslie E. Prince, and Megan M. Phillips

Food, Stress, and Reproduction: Short-Term Fasting Alters Endocrine Physiology and Reproductive Behavior in the Zebra Finch, Susan E. Lynn, Teresa B. Stamplis, William T. Barrington, Nicholas Weida, and Caey A. Hudak

Measurements of the Quantum-Confined Conduction Band Energy in the Wetting Layer Surrounding Individual in 0.4 Ga0.6 as Quantum Dots by Cross-Sectional Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy, C. Marginean, J. P. Pelz, Susan Y. Lehman, and J. G. Cederberg

Tracking the Stars, Sun, and Moon to Connect with the Universe, Todd C. McAlpine, Corwin Atwood-Stone, Travis Brown, and John F. Lindner

The Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her "Untidy" Collection, Beth Muellner

A Stochastic Treatment of Similarity, A. Ralescu, Sofia Visa, and S. Popovici

Holocene Glacial History of College Fjord, South-Central Alaska, J. A. Santos, L. J. Cunha, C. E. Cordova, and Greg C. Wiles

Antidepressant Pharmaceuticals in Two U.S. Effluent-Impacted Streams: Occurrence and Fate in Water and Sediment and Selective Uptake in Fish Neural Tissue, Melissa M. Schultz, E. T. Furlong, D. W. Kolpin, S. L. Werner, H. L. Schoenfuss, L. B. Barber, V. S. Blazer, and D. O. Norris

How to Make an Anarchist-Terrorist: an Essay on the Political Imaginary iIn Fin-De-Siécle France, Greg Shaya

Unusual Photophysical Properties of s Ruthenium(Ii) Complex Related to [Ru(Bpy)2(Dppz)]2+, Y. Sun, Sibrina N. Collins, L. E. Joyce, and C. Turro

Evolution of Biomineralization in Lophophorates, P. D. Taylor, O. Vinn, and Mark Wilson Mr

The Governmentality of Suicide: Peuchet, Marx, Durkheim, and Foucault, Thomas F. Tierney

Endosymbiotic Cornulites In The Sheinwoodian (Early Silurian) Stromatoporoids Of Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Microconchid-Dominated Hardground Association from the Late Pridoli (Silurian) of Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Occurrence of Giant Borings of Osprioneides Kampto in the Lower Silurian (Sheinwoodian) Stromatoporoids of Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Sabellid-Dominated Shallow Water Calcareous Polychaete Tubeworm Association from the Equatorial Tethys Ocean (Matmor Formation, Middle Jurassic, Israel), O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

A Review of Lichenometric Dating of Glacial Moraines in Alaska, Greg C. Wiles, D. J. Barclay, and N. Young

Bioerosion In An Equatorial Middle Jurassic Coral-Sponge Reef Community (Callovian, Matmor Formation, Southern Israel), Mark Wilson Mr, H. R. Feldman, and Elyssa B. Krivicich

A Large Coral Reef in the Pennsylvanian of Ziyun County, Guizhou (South China): the Substrate and Initial Colonization Environment of Reef-Building Corals, Y. Zhang, E. Gong, Mark Wilson Mr, C. Guan, and B. Sun

Submissions from 2009

Revegetation of a Trampled Cliff-Edge Using Three-Toothed Cinquefoil and Poverty Grass: A Case Study at Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota, Joel P. Olfelt, David P. Olfelt, and Jennifer L. Ison

Submissions from 2008

The paradox of forest fragmentation genetics, Andrea T. Kramer, Jennifer L. Ison, Mary V. Ashley, and Henry F. Howe

Submissions from 2006

Suicidal Thoughts: Hobbes, Foucault, and the Right to Die, Thomas F. Tierney

Submissions from 2004


Hope On, Hope Ever: Josephine Garis Cochran and the Dish-Washing Machine, Irene Herold

Foucault on the Case: The Pastoral and Juridical Foundation of Medical Powertti, Thomas F. Tierney

Books from 1998


The U.S. Army and Irregular Warfare, John M. Gates

Submissions from 1997

Death, Medicine, and the Right to Die: An Engagement with Heidegger, Bauman, and Baudrillard, Thomas F. Tierney