Submissions from 2014

A Jurassic (Bathonian-Callovian) Daghanirhynchia brachiopod fauna from Jordan, Mark A. Wilson, Howard R. Feldman, Fayez Y. Ahmad, and M. Schemm-Gregory

Parasitism of a new apiocrinitid crinoid species from the Middle Jurassic (Callovian) of southern Israel, Mark A. Wilson, Elizabeth A. Reinthal, and William I. Ausich

Symbiotic endobiont biofacies in the Silurian of Baltica, Mark A. Wilson, Olev Vinn, and Mari-Ann Mõtus

The Earliest Giant Osprioneides Borings from the Sandbian (Late Ordovician) of Estonia, Mark A. Wilson, Olev Vinn, and Mari-Ann Mõtus

Bivalve borings, bioclaustrations and symbiosis in corals from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) of southern Israel, Mark A. Wilson, Olev Vinn, and Timothy J. Palmer

Microconchid-dominated cobbles from the Upper Devonian of Russia: Opportunism and dominance in a restricted environment following the Frasnian–Famennian biotic crisis, Michał Zatoń, Andrey V. Zhuravlev, Michał Rakociński, Paweł Filipiak, Tomasz Borszcz, Wojciech Krawczyński, Mark A. Wilson, and Elena V. Sokiran

Submissions from 2013

Decision 2012: Presidential Election Analysis from the CM Café, W. L. Benoit, Denise M. Bostdorff, D. B. Carlin, K. Coe, R. L. Holbert, J. M. Murphy, and K. Miller

Erratum: Homeowner Attitudes and Practices towards Residential Landscape Management in Ohio, USA, T. W. Blaine, Susan Clayton, P. Robbins, and P. S. Grewal

Campus Eco Tours: an Integrative & Interactive Field Project for Undergraduate Biology Students, Kathryn E. Boes

The Relative Effect of Voice, Autonomy, and the Wage on Satisfaction with Work, M. D. Carr and Phil Mellizo

A Hidden Curriculum? Examining the Gender Content in Introductory-Level Political Science Textbooks, E. C. Cassese and Angela L. Bos

Making Sense of The Senseless: Identity, Justice, and the Framing of Environmental Crises, Susan Clayton, Amanda Koehn, and Emily Grover

Psychological Science, Conservation, and Environmental Sustainability, Susan Clayton, C. Litchfield, and E. S. Geller

Connecting to Nature at the Zoo: Implications for Responding to Climate Change, Susan Clayton, J. Luebke, C. Saunders, J. Matiasek, and A. Grajal


New Adventures in Screencasting, Stephen X. Flynn

Survey on the Text Adaptations for the Theater (II) [Encuesta Sobre La Adaptation De Textos Para El Teatro (II)], John P. Gabriele

Theatricality and Terrorism in Alberto Miralles's Los Amantes Del Demonio [Teatralidad Y Terrorismo En Los Amantes Del Demonio De Alberto Miralles], John P. Gabriele

Development and evaluation of microsatellite markers for a native prairie perennial, Echinacea angustifolia (Asteraceae), Jennifer L. Ison, Stuart Wagenius, Diedre Reitz, and Mary V. Ashley

A Warming-Induced Biome Shift Detected in Tree Growth of Mountain Hemlock [Tsuga Mertensiana (Bong.) Carrière] Along the Gulf of Alaska, Stephanie Jarvis, Greg Wiles, Sarah Appleton, R. D'Arrigo, and D. Lawson

Evidence-Based Assessment of Childhood Injuries and Physical Risk-Taking Behaviors, Bryan T. Karazsia and K. J. Brown Kirschman

Undergraduate Men's Use of Performance- and Appearance-Enhancing Substances: an Examination of the Gateway Hypothesis, Bryan T. Karazsia, J. H. Crowther, and R. Galioto

Thinking Meta-Theoretically about the Role of Internalization in the Development of Body Dissatisfaction and Body Change Behaviors, Bryan T. Karazsia, M. H. M. van Dulmen, Kendal Wong, and J. H. Crowther


Fitting In: Archaeology and Community in Athienou, Cyprus, P. Nick Kardulias

Secretaries-General of International Organizations: Leadership Capacity and Qualities, Kent Kille

X-Ray and Synchrotron Diffraction Studies of 2-(Pyridin-2-Yl)-1,10- Phenanthroline in the Role of Ligand for Two Copper Polymorphs or Hydrogen Bonded with 2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-4-Oxopiperidinium Hexafluorophosphate, J. A. Krause, D. Zhao, S. Chatterjee, B. M. Yeung, W. B. Connick, and Sibrina N. Collins

Neonatal Handling Alters The Development of The Adrenocortical Response to Stress in a Wild Songbird (Eastern Bluebird, Sialia Sialis), Sharon E. Lynn, Michael D. Kern, and Megan M. Phillips

Tree-Ring-Based Reconstructions of North American Glacier Mass Balance through the Little Ice Age - Contemporary Warming Transition, N. L. Malcomb and Greg C. Wiles


The Shifting Landscape of Amish Agriculture: Balancing Tradition and Innovation in an Organic Farming Cooperative, Matthew J. Mariola and David L. McConnell

Artificial Gravity Field, Larry C. Markley and John F. Lindner

Bifunctional Electrophiles Cross-Link Thioredoxins with Redox Relay Partners in Cells, Matthew R. Naticchia, Haley A. Brown, F. J. Garcia, Andrew M. Lamade, S. L. Justice, Rachelle P. Herrin, K. A. Morano, and James D. West


Juveniles And College: Inside Out as a Way Forward, Anne M. Nurse

Characterization of a Putative Oomycete Taurocyamine Kinase: Implications for the Evolution of the Phosphagen Kinase Family, A. Palmer, Brittany N. Begres, Jason M. Van Houten, Mark J. Snider, and Dean Fraga

The Seminal Symphony: How to Compose an Ejaculate, J. C. Perry, Laura K. Sirot, and S. Wigby

Hand Preference for Tool-Use in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus Apella) is Associated with Asymmetry of the Primary Motor Cortex, K. A. Phillips and Claudia R. Thompson

An Evaluation of Mesodon and other larger Terrestrial Gastropod Shells for Dating Late Holocene and Historic Alluvium in the Midwestern USA, M. T. Rakovan, J. A. Rech, J. S. Pigati, J. C. Nekola, and Greg C. Wiles

Chondrichthyans from the Menuha Formation (Late Cretaceous: Santonian-Early Campanian) of the Makhtesh Ramon Region, Southern Israel, Andrew Retzler, Mark Wilson Mr, and Y. Avni

Invitation to Earth Stewardship, N. F. Sayre, R. Kelty, M. Simmons, Susan Clayton, K. Kassam, S. T. Pickett, and F. S. Chapin III

Environmental Estrogens in an Urban Aquatic Ecosystem: Ii. Biological Effects, Melissa M. Schultz, T. A. Minarik, D. Martinovic-Weigelt, E. M. Curran, S. E. Bartell, and H. L. Schoenfuss

The Public Life of Monuments: the Summi Viri of the Forum of Augustus, Josephine Shaya

Mindfulness-Based Treatment of Aggression in Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disabilities: a Waiting List Control Study, N. N. Singh, G. E. Lancioni, Bryan T. Karazsia, A. S. W. Winton, R. E. Myers, A. N. A. Singh, A. D. A. Singh, and J. Singh

A Mindfulness-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disability, N. N. Singh, G. E. Lancioni, A. S. W. Winton, Bryan T. Karazsia, A. D. A. Singh, A. N. A. Singh, and J. Singh

Mindfulness Training for Teachers Changes the Behavior of their Preschool Students, N. N. Singh, G. E. Lancioni, A. S. W. Winton, Bryan T. Karazsia, and J. Singh

Free Public Species Naming to Promote Proenvironmental Behavior?, A. Veijalainen and Susan Clayton

An Event Bed with Abundant Skolithos Burrows from the Late Pridoli (Silurian) of Saaremaa (Estonia), O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Submissions from 2012

New Tethyan Apiocrinitidae (Crinoidea, Articulata) from the Jurassic of Israel, W. I. Ausich and Mark Wilson Mr

Crinoids from the Silurian of Western Estonia, W. I. Ausich, Mark Wilson Mr, and O. Vinn

Homeowner Attitudes and Practices Towards Residential Landscape Management in Ohio, Usa, T. W. Blaine, Susan Clayton, P. Robbins, and P. S. Grewal


New Research on Gender in Political Psychology, Angela L. Bos, E. C. Cassese, L. E. Duncan, J. S. Greenlee, R. J. Hannagan, and M. C. Schneider

The Effects of HDTV on Perceptions of Obama and Mccain in a 2008 Presidential Debate, Angela L. Bos, Bas W. van Doorn, and A. C. Smanik

Identification and Characterization of a Putative Arginine Kinase Homolog from Myxococcus Xanthus Required for Fruiting Body Formation and Cell Differentiation, J. Bragg, Andrei Rajkovic, C. Anderson, R. Curtis, Jason M. Van Houten, Brittany N. Begres, Colin Naples, and Mark J. Snider


Integrating Gender into the Political Science Core Curriculum, E. C. Cassese, Angela L. Bos, and L. E. Duncan

Will People Act to Mitigate Climate Change?, Susan Clayton

Attachment Style Differences and Depression in African American and European American College Women: Normative Adaptations?, E. L. Cooley and Amber L. Garcia

Songs, Sex, and the City: Reconfiguring Borders in Christophe Honoré's Les Chansons D'Amour, Carolyn A. Durham

Problems with Using Ptilochronology to Measure the Growth and Nutritional Status of Nestling Bluebirds, Emily K. Elderbrock, Michael D. Kern, and Sharon E. Lynn

Jurassic Rhynchonellide Brachiopods from the Jordan Valley, H. R. Feldman, M. Schemm-Gregory, F. Ahmad, and Mark Wilson Mr

Expanding the History of the Black Studies Movement: Some Prefatory Notes, J. Fenderson, J. Stewart, and Kabria Baumgartner

Familial and Peer Modeling and Verbal Commentary: Associations with Muscularity-Oriented Body Dissatisfaction and Body Change Behaviors, R. Galioto, Bryan T. Karazsia, and J. H. Crowther

Latinos' Perceptions of Interethnic Couples, Amber L. Garcia, H. R. Riggio, S. Palavinelu, and L. L. Culpepper

Supervision to Prevent Childhood Unintentional Injury: Developmental Knowledge and Self-Efficacy Count, S. M. Guilfoyle, B. T. Karazsia, D. L. Langkamp, and B. G. Wildman

Establishment of an Invasive Plant Species (Conium maculatum) in Contaminated Roadside Soil in Cook County, Illinois, Paul Z. Gulezian, Jennifer L. Ison, and Kelly J. Granberg

Duration and Dose-Dependency of Female Sexual Receptivity Responses to Seminal Fluid Proteins in Aedes Albopictus and Ae. Aegypti Mosquitoes, M. E. H. Helinski, P. Deewatthanawong, Laura K. Sirot, M. F. Wolfner, and L. C. Harrington

Quantum Gravity on a Laptop: 1+1 Dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulation Simulation, Norman S. Israel and John F. Lindner

Rider Transposon Insertion and Phenotypic Change in Tomato, N. Jiang, Sofia Visa, S. Wu, and E. VanDerKnaap

Mentored Undergraduate Research in the Geosciences, Shelley Judge, Meagen A. Pollock, Greg Wiles, and Mark Wilson Mr

The Mediating Role of Hyperactivity and Inattention on Sex Differences in Paediatric Injury Risk, Bryan T. Karazsia, S. M. Guilfoyle, and B. G. Wildman

Graduate Admissions in Pediatric Psychology: the Importance of Undergraduate Training, Bryan T. Karazsia and C. M. McMurtry

The UN Secretary-General and Self-Directed Leadership: Development of the Democracy Agenda, Kent Kille

J'Accuse! Does Naming and Shaming Perpetrators Reduce the Severity of Genocides or Politicides?, Matthew Krain

Avalanches on a Conical Bead Pile: Scaling with Tuning Parameters, Susan Y. Lehman, Elizabeth Baker, Howard A. Henry, Andrew J. Kindschuh, Larry C. Markley, Megan B. Browning, Mary E. Mills, and R. Michael Winters

Observations on Parental Care in The Glass Frog Hyalinobatrachium Orientate (Anura: Centrolenidae) from Tobago, with Comments on its Natural History, Rick M. Lehtinen and Georgiadis P. Georgiadis

A New Species of Putatively Pond Breeding Frog of the Genus Guibemantis from Southeastern Madagascar, Rick M. Lehtinen, F. Glaw, F. Andreone, M. Pabijan, and M. Vences

Farmers, Trust, and the Market Solution to Water Pollution: the Role of Social Embeddedness in Water Quality Trading, Matthew J. Mariola

Agrarian Ideals and Practices: Comments on Paul B. Thompson's the Agrarian Vision, Lee A. McBride III

Strength and Physical Fitness Predict the Perception of Looming Sounds, John G. Neuhoff, Katherine L. Long, and Rebecca C. Worthington

Feeling Threatened about the Future: Whites' Emotional Reactions to Anticipated Ethnic Demographic Changes, H. R. Outten, M. T. Schmitt, D. A. Miller, and Amber L. Garcia

Avoiding the Whiff of Paradox in the Liberal Promotion of Autonomy: Critical Comment on Colburn, John P. Rudisill

Some Further Concerns with Colburn's Autonomy-Minded Anti-Perfectionism, John P. Rudisill

Flight of a Cytidine Deaminase Complex with an Imperfect Transition State Analogue Inhibitor: Mass Spectrometric Evidence for the Presence of a Trapped Water Molecule, G. K. Schroeder, L. Zhou, Mark J. Snider, X. Chen, and R. Wolfenden

Effects of Triclosan and Triclocarban, Two Ubiquitous Environmental Contaminants, on Anatomy, Physiology, and Behavior of The Fathead Minnow (Pimephales Promelas), Melissa M. Schultz, S. E. Bartell, and H. L. Schoenfuss

The Consequences of Genetic Variation in Sex Peptide Expression Levels for Egg Laying and Retention in Females, D. T. Smith, Laura K. Sirot, M. F. Wolfner, D. J. Hosken, and N. Wedell

Finichnus, A New Name For The Ichnogenus Leptichnus, P. D. Taylor, Mark Wilson Mr, and R. G. Bromley

Punctual Selves, Punctual Death and the Health-Conscious Cogito: Descartes' Dead Bodies, Thomas F. Tierney

Encrustation and Bioerosion on Late Sheinwoodian (Wenlock, Silurian) Stromatoporoids from Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Epi- and Endobionts on the Late Silurian (Early Pridoli) Stromatoporoids from Saaremaa Island, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research at a Liberal Arts College on Computational Biology, Sofia Visa, Stephanie Strand, R. Drew Pasteur, and William Morgan

The Yeast Hsp70 Ssa1 is a Sensor for Activation of the Heat Shock Response by Thiol-Reactive Compounds, Y. Wang, P. A. Gibney, James D. West, and K. A. Morano

Small Molecule Activators of the Heat Shock Response: Chemical Properties, Molecular Targets, and Therapeutic Promise, James D. West, Y. Wang, and K. A. Morano

Tree-Ring Investigations into Changing Climatic Responses of Yellow-Cedar, Glacier Bay, Alaska, Greg C. Wiles, Colin R. Mennett, Stephanie K. Jarvis, R. D. D'Arrigo, Nicholas Wiesenberg, and D. E. Lawson

Origin, Palaeoecology and Stratigraphic Significance of Bored and Encrusted Concretions from the Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) of Southern Israel, Mark Wilson Mr, M. Zaton, and Y. Avni

As Seen Through Stained Glass: Religion, Politics, and Aesthetics in Alice Walker's Meridian, Leslie E. Wingard


Tradition and Ideology: Creating and Performing New Gushi in China from 1962 to 1966, Ziying You

Unusual Tubular Fossils Associated with Microbial Crusts from The Middle Jurassic of Poland: Agglutinated Polychaete Worm Tubes?, M. ZatoÅ, Y. Kano, Mark Wilson Mr, and P. Filipiak

Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) Encrusted Oncoids from the Polish Jura, Southern Poland, M. Zatoá, B. Kremer, L. Marynowski, Mark Wilson Mr, and W. Krawczyáski

Redescription and Neotype Designation of the Middle Devonian Microconchid (Tentaculita) Species 'Spirorbis' Angulatus Hall, 1861, M. Zatoá, Mark Wilson Mr, and O. Vinn

Submissions from 2011

Fuzzy Classifier for Classification of Medical Data, A. Ali, S. M. Shamsuddin, A. L. Ralescu, and Sofia Visa

Rate Coefficients and Clo Radical Yields in the Reaction of O( 1D) With Cclf 2Ccl 2F, Ccl 3Cf 3, Cclf 2Cclf 2, and Ccl 2Fcf 3, M. Baasandorj, Karl J. Feierabend, and J. B. Burkholder

Evidence for Impaired Sound Intensity Processing in Schizophrenia, D. R. Bach, K. Buxtorf, W. K. Strik, John G. Neuhoff, and E. Seifritz

Improved Functionality and Control in the Isomerization of a Calix[4]Arene-Capped Azobenzene, Paul A. Bonvallet, Max R. Mullen, Paul J. Evans, Kristen L. Stoltz, and Erica N. Story

Out of Control: Delegates' Information Sources and Perceptions of Female Candidates, Angela L. Bos