Submissions from 2016

A Donor Influenced by Local Dynamics Unintended Consequences of Capacity Building in China, Setsuko Matsuzawa

Cryptic, Sympatric Diversity in Tegu Lizards of the Tupinambis teguixin Group (Squamata, Sauria, Teiidae) and the Description of Three New Species, John C. Murphy, Michael J. Jowers, Rick M. Lehtinen, Stevland P. Charles, Guarino R. Colli, Ayrton K. Peres Jr., Catriona R. Hendry, and R. Alexander Pyron

Death on the US-Mexico Border: Performance, Immigration Politics, and José Casas’s 14, Jimmy A. Noriega

Cold War-Era Deterrence and International Relations in the Middle East, George H. Quester, Patrick M. Morgan, and Jeffrey S. Lantis

Impact of medium and ambient environment on the photodegradation of carmine in solution and paints, Leah M. Rader Bowers and Sarah J. Schmidtke Sobeck

The Interplay of Candidate Party and Gender in Evaluations of Political Candidates, Monica C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos

Effectiveness of Caregiver Training in Mindfulness-Based Positive Behavior Support (MBPBS) vs. Training-as-Usual (TAU): A Randomized Controlled Trial, Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, Bryan Karazsia, Jeffrey Chan, and Alan S. W. Winton

Effects of Samatha Meditation on Active Academic Engagement and Math Performance of Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, Bryan Karazsia, Joshua C. Felver, and Rachel E. Myers

Caregiver Training in Mindfulness-Based Positive Behavior Supports (MBPBS): Effects on Caregivers and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, Bryan Karazsia, and Rachel E. Myers

Glacier fluctuations during the past 2000 years, Olga Solomina, Raymond S. Bradley, Vincent Jomelli, Aslaug Geirsdottird, Darrell S. Kaufman, Johannes Koch, Nicholas P. McKay, Mariano Masiokas, Gifford Miller, Atle Nesje, Kurt Nicolussi, Lewis A. Owen, Aaron E. Putnam, Heinz Wanner, Greg Wiles, and Bao Yang

Roberto Esposito’s ‘Affirmative Biopolitics’ and the Gift, Thomas F. Tierney

Toward an Affirmative Biopolitics, Thomas F. Tierney

Time to Decide? Dynamical Analysis Predicts Partial Tip/Stalk Patterning States Arise during Angiogenesis, Lakshmi Venkatraman, Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, and Katie Bentley

A new runner-like cyclostome bryozoan from the Bromide Formation (Sandbian, Upper Ordovician) of Oklahoma and its phylogenetic affinities, Mark A. Wilson and Paul D. Taylor

Symbiotic interactions in the Silurian of Baltica, Mark A. Wilson and Olev Vinn

Last millennium northern hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part I: The long term context, Rob Wilson, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Keith R. Briffa, Ulf Büntgen, Edward R. Cook, Rosanne D'Arrigo, Nicole Davi, Jan Esper, Dave Frank, Björn E. Gunnarson, Gabi Hegerl, Samuli Helama, Stefan Klesse, Paul J. Krusic, Hans W. Linderholm, Vladimir S. Myglan, Timothy J. Osborn, Milos Rydval, Lea Schneider, Andrew Schurer, Greg Wiles, and Eduardo Zorita

A role of stochastic phenotype switching in generating mosaic endothelial cell heterogeneity, Lei Yuan, Gary C. Chan, David Beeler, Lauren Janes, Katherine C. Spokes, Harita Dharaneeswaran, Anahita Mojiri, William J. Adams, Tracey Sciuto, Guillermo Garcia-Cardeña, Grietje Molema, Peter M. Kang, Nadia Jahroudi, Philip A. Marsden, Ann Dvorak, Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, and William C. Aird

Submissions from 2015

Wenlock and Pridoli (Silurian) crinoids from Saaremaa, western Estonia (Phylum Echinodermata), William I. Ausich, Mark A. Wilson, and Olev Vinn

Solvent impact on the photophysical properties and excited state behavior of p-aminobenzoic acids, Jacob A. Boroff, Zachery D. Matesich, Daniela Canache Stuetzer, and Sarah J. Schmidtke Sobeck

The unintended effects of political party affirmative action policies on female candidates’ nomination chances, Angela L. Bos

The Effects of Human Rights on the Success of Microcredit Lending Institutions, Elisabeth C. Bremer and Matthew Krain


Braid computations for the crossing number of Klein links, Michael Bush, Danielle Shepherd, Joseph Smith, Sarah Smith-Polderman, Jennifer Bowen, and John Ramsay

Building a Gender and Methodology Curriculum: Integrated Skills, Exercises, and Practices, Erin C. Cassese, Mirya R. Holman, Monica C. Schneider, and Angela L. Bos

Item Response Theory Analyses of the Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT), Sun-Joo Cho, Jeremy Wilmer, Grit Herzmann, Rankin Williams McGugin, Daniel Fiset, Ana E. Van Gulick, Kaitlin F. Ryan, and Isabel Gauthier

Psychological Research and Global Climate Change, Susan Clayton, Patrick Devine-Wright, Paul C. Stern, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Amanda Carrico, Linda Steg, Janet Swim, and Mirilia Bonnes

Tree‐ring reconstructed temperature index for coastal northern Japan: implications for western North Pacific variability, Rosanna D'Arrigo, Rob Wilson, Greg Wiles, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Olga Solomina, Nicole Davi, Clara Deser, and Ekaterina Dolgova

Characterization of the arginine kinase isoforms in Caenorhabditis elegans, Dean Fraga, Manish Aryal, Joseph E. Hall, Evan Rae, and Mark Snider

Trajectories of oral medication adherence in youth with inflammatory bowel disease, Rachel Neff Greenley, Bryan Karazsia, Jennifer Verrill Schurman, Amitha Prasad Gumidyala, Eve U. Nguyen, Molly Mishler Thomason, Jennifer G. Walter, Joshua Noe, Steven Werlin, and Stacy A. Kahn


Creating Leaders: An Examination of Academic and Research Library Leadership Institutes, Irene Herold

Pulsation period variations in the RRc Lyrae star KIC 5520878, Michael Hippke, John G. Learned, A. Zee, William H. Edmondson, John F. Lindner, and Behnam Kia

Molecular phylogenetics of the glass frog Hyalinobatrachium orientale (Anura: Centrolenidae): evidence for Pliocene connections between mainland Venezuela and the island of Tobago, Michael J. Jowers, Rick M. Lehtinen, Roger J. Downie, Andrew P. Georgiadis, and John Murphy

The Effect of Thin and Muscular Images on Women's Body Satisfaction, Bryan Karazsia and Catherine Benton

Coupling Reduces Noise: Applying Dynamical Coupling to Reduce Local White Additive Noise, Behnam Kia, Sarvenaz Kia, John F. Lindner, Sudeshna Sinha, and William L. Ditto

Nonlinear dynamics based digital logic and circuits, Behnam Kia, John F. Lindner, and William L. Ditto

Active Teaching and Learning in Cross‐National Perspective, Matthew Krain, Kent J. Kille, and Jeffrey S. Lantis

Nuclear Technology and Norm Stewardship: US Nonproliferation Policies Revisited, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Strange Nonchaotic Stars, John F. Lindner, Vivek Kohar, Behnam Kia, Michael Hippke, John G. Learned, and William L. Ditto

Global climate change attitudes and perceptions among south American zoo visitors, Jerry F. Luebke, Susan Clayton, Lisa-Anne DeGregoria Kelly, and Alejandro Grajal

Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change: An Experimental Examination of Framing and Micromobilization, Kyla Jo McEntire, Michele Leiby, and Matthew Krain

Expression of the Robo4 receptor in endothelial cells is regulated by two AP-1 protein complexes., Yoshiaki Okada, Hiroki Naruse, Toru Tanaka, Nobuaki Funahashi, Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, Kazuma Yamakawa, Nobumasa Hino, Kenji Ishimoto, Takefumi Doia, and William C. Aird

Pollen packing affects the function of pollen on corbiculate bees but not non-corbiculate bees, Alison J. Parker, Jennifer L. Tran, Jennifer L. Ison, Ji Dong K. Bai, Arthur E. Weis, and James D. Thomson

Considerations for assessing competencies in pediatric psychology, Carrie Piazza-Waggoner, Bryan Karazsia, Kevin A. Hommel, and Avani C. Modi

Historical evidence for nature disconnection in a 70-year time series of Disney animated films, Anne-Caroline Prevot-Julliard, Romain Julliard, and Susan Clayton


Neuroanatomy Resources, Zachary Sharrow

Effects of Training Staff in MBPBS on the Use of Physical Restraints, Staff Stress and Turnover, Staff and Peer Injuries, and Cost Effectiveness in Developmental Disabilities, Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, Bryan Karazsia, Rachel E. Myers, Alan S. W. Winton, Larry L. Latham, and Kristen Nugent

Holocene glacier fluctuations, Olga Solomina, Raymond S. Bradley, Dominic A. Hodgson, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Vincent Jomelli, Andrew N. Mackintosh, Atle Nesje, Lewis A. Owen, Heinz Wanner, Greg Wiles, and Nicolas E. Young

Parentage of Overlapping Offspring of an Arboreal-Breeding Frog with No Nest Defense: Implications for Nest Site Selection and Reproductive Strategy, Wan-Ping Tung, Yi-Huey Chen, Wei-Chun Cheng, Ming-Feng Chuang, Wan-Tso Hsu, Yeong-Choy Kam, and Rick M. Lehtinen

Pre- and Post-Welfare Reform Media Portrayals of Poverty in the United States: The Continuing Importance of Race and Ethnicity, Bas W. van Doorn

Earliest known rugosan-stromatoporoid symbiosis from the Llandovery of Estonia (Baltica), Olev Vinn, Mark A. Wilson, Ursula Toom, and Mari-Ann Mõtus

Reconstructed summer temperatures over the last 400 years based on larch ring widths: Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East, Greg Wiles, Olga Solomina, Rosanna D'Arrigo, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Yury V. Gensiarovsky, and Nicholas Wiesenberg

Symbiotic interactions in the Ordovician of Baltica, Mark A. Wilson and Olev Vinn

Bioerosion of Inorganic Hard Substrates in the Ordovician of Estonia (Baltica), Mark A. Wilson, Olev Vinn, and Ursula Toom

Distribution of Conichnus and Amphorichnus in the Lower Paleozoic of Estonia (Baltica), Mark A. Wilson, Olev Vinn, and Ursula Toom

Tremichnus in crinoid pluricolumnals from the Silurian of western Estonia (Baltica), Mark A. Wilson, Olev Vinn, Ursula Toom, and William I. Ausich


Entertaining Deities and Humans with Performances of Puju (Puzhou Opera) at a Temple Fair in Yangxie Village, Southwestern Shanxi, May 29-June 2, 2013, Ziying You


Shifting Actors and Power Relations: Contentious Local Responses to the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Contemporary China, Ziying You

Submissions from 2014

Order and chaos in the rotation and revolution of two massive line segments, Andrew Blaikie, Alex Saines, Matthew Fritz Schmitthenner, Maggie E. Lankford, R. Drew Pasteur, and John F. Lindner


John F. Kennedy at American University: The Rhetoric of the Possible, Epideictic Progression, and the Commencement of Peace, Denise M. Bostdorff and Shawna Ferris

Prenatal visual experience induces postnatal motor laterality in Japanese quail chicks (Coturnix coturnix japonica): Laterality in Quail, Michael B. Casey and Merry J. Sleigh

Can Training Enhance Face Cognition Abilities in Middle-Aged Adults?, Dominika Dolzycka, Grit Herzmann, Werner Sommer, and Oliver Wilhelm

Chinese Russia: Imperial Consciousness in Vladimir Sorokin's Writing, Tatiana Filimonova

14 Archaeological Legacies of Knowledge, Pamela R. Frese

Both flowering time and distance to conspecific plants affect reproduction in Echinacea angustifolia, a common prairie perennial, Jennifer L. Ison and Stuart Wagenius

Mating between Echinacea angustifolia (Asteraceae) individuals increases with their flowering synchrony and spatial proximity., Jennifer L. Ison, Stuart Wagenius, Diedre Reitz, and Mary V. Ashley

Ballistic Evaporation and Solvation of Helium Atoms at the Surfaces of Protic and Hydrocarbon Liquids, Alexis M. Johnson, Diane K. Lancaster, Jennifer Faust, Christine Hahn, Anna Reznickova, and Gilbert M. Nathanson

Depictions of Injuries and Safety Gear Usage in the World’s Most Popular Video Games, Bryan Karazsia and Adam Muller

A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Mindfulness-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disability, Bryan Karazsia, Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, and Rachel E. Myers

Shenpa and Compassionate Abiding: Mindfulness-Based Practices for Anger and Aggression by Individuals with Schizophrenia, Bryan Karazsia, Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, Alan S. W. Winton, Judy Singh, and Robert G. Wahler

Climate Change Attitudes of Zoo and Aquarium Visitors: Implications for Climate Literacy Education, Lisa-Anne DeGregoria Kelly, Jerry F. Luebke, Susan Clayton, Carol D. Saunders, Jennifer Matiasek, and Alejandro Grajal

A conserved role for the zinc finger polyadenosine RNA binding protein, ZC3H14, in control of poly(A) tail length., Seth M. Kelly, Sara W. Leung, ChangHui Pak, Ayan Banerjee, Kenneth H. Moberg, and Anita H. Corbett

Noise tolerant spatiotemporal chaos computing, Behnam Kia, Sarvenaz Kia, John F. Lindner, Sudeshna Sinha, and William L. Ditto

Watch Your Step: Integrating Nonlinear Dynamical Flows by Stepping Through Space and Time, Behnam Kia, John F. Lindner, and William L. Ditto

How Are, and Should, Parliamentarians of States Be Involved in Global Governance?, Kent Kille and Chadwick F. Alger

Cavity-Enhanced Overtone Spectroscopy of Methanol in Aprotic Solvents: Probing Solute-Solvent Interactions and Self-Associative Behavior, Da-Sol Kuen and Karl J. Feierabend


Unified dynamics of electrons and photons via Zitterbewegung and spin-orbit interaction, Cody Leary and Karl H. Smith

“I Would Like to Live a Better Life:” How Young Mothers Experience Entrepreneurship Education in East Africa, Elisabeth E. Lefebvre, Amy Pekol, and Brooke L. Krause

Impacts of Paternal Care and Seasonal Change on Offspring Survival: A Multiseason Experimental Study of a Caribbean Frog, Rick M. Lehtinen, Sara E. Green, and Jessica L. Pringle

Detecting Frogs and Detecting Declines: An Examination of Occupancy and Turnover Patterns at the Range Edge of Blanchard's Cricket Frog (Acris Blanchardi), Rick M. Lehtinen and James R. Witter

Spectral and structural characterization of 2-(fluorophenylamino)- and 2-(nitrophenylamino)-1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives, Elisa Leyva, Sarah J. Schmidtke Sobeck, Silvia E. Loredo-Carrillo, and Diego A. Magaldi-Lara

Workplace democracy in the lab, Philip Mellizo, Jeffrey Carpenter, and Peter Hans Matthews

Simple and inexpensive stereo vision system for 3D data acquisition, Samuel Mermall and John F. Lindner


Amish Economic Transformations: New Forms of Income and Wealth Distribution in a Traditionally “Flat” Community, Amyaz A. Moledina, David L. McConnell, Stephanie A. Sugars, and Bailey R. Connor

Language Familiarity, Expectation, and Novice Musical Rhythm Production, John G. Neuhoff and Pascale Lidji

Familiarity, Expertise, and Change Detection: Change Deafness is Worse in Your Native Language, John G. Neuhoff, Steven A. Schott, Adam J. Kropf, and Emily M. Neuhoff

Using single-trial EEG to predict and analyze subsequent memory, Eunho Noh, Grit Herzmann, Tim Curran, and Virginia R. de Sa


Setting the Bar High: Danish Youth Education Counselors and National School-Completion Goals, Anne Nurse

Geochemical and lithostratigraphic constraints on the formation of pillow-dominated tindars from Undirhlíðar quarry, Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland, Meagen Pollock, Benjamin Edwards, Steinunn Hauksdóttir, Rebecca Alcorn, and Lindsey Bowman

Contraceptive Attitudes and Sexual Self-Esteem Among Young Adults: Communication and Quality of Relationships with Mothers, Heidi R. Riggio, Bobbie Galaz, Amber L. Garcia, and Brigitte K. Matthies

Influence of anxiety, depression and looming cognitive style on auditory looming perception, John H. Riskind, Evan M. Kleiman, Erich Seifritz, and John Neuhoff

The Consequences of Perceived Discrimination for Psychological Well-Being: A Meta-Analytic Review, Michael T. Schmitt, Nyla R. Branscombe, Tom Postmes, and Amber Garcia

Measuring Stereotypes of Female Politicians, Monica C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos

Roth's Graveyards, Narrative Desire, and "Professional Competition with Death", Debra Shostak

Mindfulness-Based Positive Behavior Support (MBPBS) for Mothers of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Effects on Adolescents’ Behavior and Parental Stress, Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, Alan S. W. Winton, Bryan Karazsia, Rachel E. Myers, Larry L. Latham, and Judy Singh


It's About Time: Reading US-India Cold War Perceptions Through News Coverage of India, Rohini S. Singh

Prenatal sensory experience affects hatching behavior in domestic chicks (Gallus gallus) and Japanese quail chicks (Coturnix coturnix japonica): Hatching Behavior, Merry J. Sleigh and Michael B. Casey

Earliest rhynchonelliform brachiopod parasite from the Late Ordovician of northern Estonia (Baltica), Olev Vinn, Mark A. Wilson, and Ursula Toom

Modeling of tomato fruits into nine shape categories using elliptic fourier shape modeling and Bayesian classification of contour morphometric data, Sofia Visa, Chunxue Cao, Brian ScSpadden Gardener, and Esther van der Knaap

Surface air temperature variability reconstructed with tree rings for the Gulf of Alaska over the past 1200 years, Greg Wiles, Rosanna D'Arrigo, David Barclay, Rob S. Wilson, Stephanie K. Jarvis, Lauren Vargo, and David Frank

Bitten spines reveal unique evidence for fish predation on Middle Jurassic echinoids, Mark A. Wilson, Tomasz Borszcz, and Michał Zatoń

A Middle Ordovician crinoid from the beach gravels of Ristna Cape, Hiiumaa Island, Estonia, Mark A. Wilson, Stephen K. Donovan, William I. Ausich, and Mark E. Peter