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Gaylyn Gaddy Maurer is appointed prevention specialist at the College's Wellness Center. Chemistry professor, Judy Amburgey-Peters, is honored at the inaugural Indiana University Symposium for Excellence in Undergraduate Chemical Research. A male stripper is the main suspect in a string of harassment and assault incidents around campus. Dean of Students Kurt Holmes responds to accusations that the College's sexual assault and rape policy is flawed. Page six of the edition features campus programs such as Every Woman's House and Planned Parenthood that work towards addressing and combating the issues of women at the college. A piece discusses the abundance of ladybugs on campus. Additionally, Wooster student, Dan O 'Connor, gives annual ghost tour around campus.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Women of Dene, Planned Parenthood, Every Woman's House, Women of Images, Gaylyn Gaddy Maurer, prevention specialist, Wellness Center, chemistry, Judy Amburgey-Peters, Indiana University, undergraduate chemical research, harassment, assault incidents, rape, sexual assault, Kurt Holmes, rape policy, women's safety, Every Woman's House, Planned Parenthood, ladybugs, Dan O'Connor, ghost tour


Family planning; Planned parenthood; Domestic Violence Intervention Services; Family violence; Rape victims; Rape; Chemistry; Harassment; Rape; Rape in universities and colleges; Rape in universities and colleges; Rape--Reporting [proposed]; Universities and colleges--Safety measures; Ladybugs; Women college students; Ghost

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2001-10-25