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Victim's advocate, Katie Koestner, criticizes Wooster's sexual assault policies during a lecture at the college. A Senate Judiciary Subcommittee looks into requiring international students studying in the United States to pay for a new database allowing the federal government to monitor and track individuals holding student visas. Professor and chairperson of the Women's Studies Department at Mt. Holyoke College, Karen Barad, gives a talk on three-dimensional ultrasound technology and its significance in the abortion debate. College officials take steps to guard workers against any possible threat of anthrax sent through the U.S. mail. A story details the life of Lowry dining services provider and Hong Kong native, Alan Ho. Additionally, Wooster's radio station, WCWS, faces having to possibly stop web broadcast due to copyright restrictions enforced by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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victim's advocate, sexual assault, rape victims, rape survivor, Katie Koestner, Senate Judiciary Subcommittees, United States Senate, international students, United States federal government, student visas, women's studies, Mt. Holyoke College, Karen Barad, three-dimensional ultrasounds, abortion, debate, anthrax, United States mail, postal service workers, Hong Kong, Lowry dining services, Alan Ho, Wooster radio, Woo 91, WCWS, web broadcasting, copyright restrictions, Digital Millennium Copyright Act


Sexual abuse victims; Sex crimes; Rape in universities and colleges; Rape; Rape victims; Legislators--United States; Students, Foreign; Federal government--United States; Monitoring; Student passports; Women's studies; Barad, Karen Michelle; Koestner, Katherine H.; Abortion; Pro-life movement; Pro-choice movement; Anthrax; Postal service--United States; Postal service--United States--Employees; dining halls; Radio stations; College radio stations; Radio; Webcasting; United States. Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2001-10-18