The study examined the knowledge, skills, and abilities of regular education elementary school teachers (kindergarten through 6th grade) in educating mainstream students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The study investigated if educators were aware of hearing loss and the educational implications that hearing loss can have on a student's ability to learn in a mainstream classroom. The study also examined the teachers' knowledge of the function of hearing aids and cochlear implants and if the teachers had the ability to troubleshoot these types of devices. The study additionally explored the knowledge of appropriate accommodations and modifications necessary for the education of a student who is deaf or hard of hearing in the classroom. Finally, the study inquired as to the amount of previous experience and training that teachers had regarding hearing loss and if the teachers felt that access to resources regarding hearing loss or impairment was adequate and readily available. The results showed teachers reported variable skills and knowledge when it came to hearing loss and technologies. Overall, the respondents had very little knowledge about technology related to hearing loss, especially cochlear implants. These results also showed that while teachers believed that students with hearing loss could benefit from being in a mainstream classroom environment, the teachers did not believe that students with hearing loss were comparable to their "typical" hearing peers. Based on these results, it could be inferred that the average general elementary school teacher is ill-prepared for having a student with a hearing loss in his/her classroom. These results are consistent with previous findings concerning general education elementary school teacher's knowledge, skills, and abilities in educating students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Goldberg, Don


Communication Studies


Speech and Hearing Science


hearing loss, mainstreaming

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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