This study examines the relationships between financial commitment to Olympic teams and tourism in participating countries following the conclusion of a major Olympic competition. This study views the connections between government commitment to athletics and Olympic success as well as between Olympic success and tourism. Informed by scholarly literature on tourism promotion, Olympic funding, and governmental budgetary theory, I posited that increased government funding would lead to increased Olympic success and, ultimately, produce an additional bounty to the sponsoring governments in the form of increased tourism in the year following the Olympics. Through a series of multivariate regressions, however, I found that all elements of this hypothesized relationship did not appear to be statistically significant. While funding does appear to contribute to success, I did not find support for the concept that Olympic success leads to a rise in tourism. While my findings contribute to the literature, this is still a topic that deserves more attention.


Lantis, Jeffrey


Political Science


Business | Political Economy | Political Science | Sports Management


Olympics, Tourism, Political Economy

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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