Voice type has a significant effect on likability and memory. Prior research has shown that voice type used in narration is a factor when determining likability, with pitch, timbre, and intonation being key elements in determining preference for voice types. Studies have also shown that certain voice types are more engaging than others and hold people’s attention in the classroom and theater which leads to better memory retention. The present study looked at the interaction between likability and memory by presenting participants with a narrated passage and then asked them to recall what they had heard and rate the study for likability. A negative and a neutral style of narration were used alongside a negative and neutral passage. Participants were randomly assigned a narration style when they began the study and listened to both negative and neutral content. The study found that participants had higher recall and likability scores for the neutral content compared to the negative content but did not find a significant difference in likability or recall based on narration style.


Foster, Nathan





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