Navarre, Ohio has several abandoned underground coal mines, as well as evidence of contamination from those mines in the form of iron precipitates in surface seeps and a sulfuric odor. In this study, one mine in particular, Fox 12, is examined to determine if it is the source of contamination of groundwater near the mine. Samples were taken from domestic wells surrounding the mine and analyzed geochemically. Two wells were found to have significant contamination, consistent with that typically found in areas affected by mine drainage. MODFLOW, a three-dimensional groundwater modeling software, was used with the FREEWAT graphical user interface to characterize flow in the area and MODPATH was used to backward-track contamination at each sample well. Two wells, the same found to have contamination consistent with mine drainage, tracked flow back to the mine of interest, while all other wells tracked flow elsewhere. This geochemical analysis and modeling together provide significant evidence that contamination from the two affected wells originates in Fox 12 and can be considered mine drainage. However, consistent use of terms associated with mine drainage is necessary to truly protect affected areas and sourcing contamination is important to improve efficiency of remediation efforts.


Alley, Karen




Geochemistry | Geology | Hydrology


MODFLOW, hydrology, acid mine drainage, mine drainage, contamination, modeling

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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