Research shows that there is increased anxiety for athletes in sports. This research examines the relationship between how stadium noise positively or negatively affects the athletic performance of basketball players. The participants consisted of two groups, one contained college men and women basketball players (experts), the other contained non-athletic skilled students (novices). Each participant shot 20 free throws in a quiet condition and in the stadium noise condition. The loud condition consisted of stadium noise played from a speaker at 85 decibels measured at the listening point. The results were compared within groups and between groups. The overall hypothesis was that the simulated crowd noises would negatively affect the novice group when compared between the silent condition, also the noise would not significantly affect the expert group when compared to the results of the silent condition. The results showed a significant difference between groups and the amount of total free throws man. The results also showed that there was not a significant difference within groups between conditions.


John, Neuhoff



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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