This study examines the predictors of Latinx patient’s trust in their primary healthcare providers. Specifically, this study tests patient and physician characteristics that contribute to feelings of trust in the healthcare setting. Latinx adults from primary care clinics in Southern California and a legal aid office in Canton, Ohio, completed surveys on their perceptions of cultural sensitivity, compassion, and communication received from their physicians in addition to overall feelings of trust toward their physicians. Surveys also asked participants about their language preference, generational status, and demographics. Data was analyzed using a linear multiple regression model with trust as the dependent variable. The results indicate that physician’s compassion and patient’s age are significant predictors of the level of trust Latinx patients have toward their physicians. The finding on compassion can inform physician training for the future and shape Latinx patients’ experiences in healthcare within the United States, fostering an environment of trust.


Thelamour, Barbara




Health Psychology


Health, Primary Care, Trust, Latinx Population

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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