This thesis is an interdisciplinary effort combining Art and Computer Science to study two main issues: (1) the use of Leap Motion technology for physical interactions and gestural commands in Virtual Reality, and (2) how consumer culture exploits Southeast Asian environments through recycling. By the end, readers should have a solid understanding of technical components and contents needed for an immersive Virtual Reality experience. The project also explains the process of integrating Leap Motion into Unity and implementing the API for hand tracking and gestural recognition. The application development reveals the pros and cons of gesture controls in a VR user interface, and at the same time, depicts the artistic concept through the interactive experience Untitled. The making of Untitled explores the creative and technical process of using 3D graphics and game development methods for both functional and expressive purposes, and through that, analyzes computer programming as a medium for New Media Art.


Byrnes, Denise

Second Advisor

Mangubi, Marina


Computer Science; Art and Art History


Art Practice | Digital Humanities | Fine Arts | Software Engineering


environment, art, computer science

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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