This study looks at Goffman’s theories of self presentation and stigma and applies them to online dating. The research begins with a general introduction to the study followed by a showing of the previous research of online dating to learn about what other researchers have previously found. Next, a closer look is taken at the above mentioned theories coined by Goffman. Then, it is further shown how the surveys made and used for this study in the methods chapter. Finally the results are explained, where we learn whether those who are on dating websites are as desperate and deceptive as commonly thought by public opinion. In the last chapter of this study the conclusion explains that online daters are sincere in their profiles, however they often aim to show an idealized version of themselves. The conclusion also shows that while the stigma of online dating is shrinking, it is still quite prevalent that some still think online dating is for those who are desperate and deceptive.


Matsuzawa, Setsuko


Sociology and Anthropology


Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Psychology and Interaction | Sociology


Online Dating, Presentation of Self, Stigma

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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