Bermuda played an important role in the changing relationship between America and England. Bermuda’s role in this extremely turbulent relationship is often overlooked as, while important, the island played a behind the scenes role. This paper explores the impact of Bermuda on relationship between England and America, from the very beginning of America’s history through the Revolutionary war, the War of 1812 and ends with where they stand in relation to Bermuda today. The primary sources that I gathered were firsthand accounts of two of the sailors who wrecked on Bermuda’s reefs, hand-written letters from George Washington to the government of Bermuda during the Revolutionary War, and a journal written by Lieutenant-Colonel Ferdinand Whittingham looking at the use of a convict labor force in Bermuda developing the Royal Naval Dockyard. This project is significant because Bermuda’s effect on the relationship between England and America is an often-overlooked subject. Despite only being an English colony, Bermuda had a huge impact on the birth of the United states as well as having a hand in many of the nineteenth century interactions between the two world powers.


Welsch, Christina



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