This Independent Study will argue that the various ways in which we present ourselves, in terms of appearance, can be considered as acts of social subversion. The aim of this project is not to prescribe a set of conditions that determines how an individual should dress or comport, but to shed light on the problems associated with presentation and to identify the ways different individuals have addressed these issues.

After introducing my Independent Study I will begin my theoretical framework. The aim of this chapter is not formulate an argument for or against any of the theory or literature presented but, instead, to inform the reader on crucial concepts and theories in the project, such as, performativity, multiplicity, and social theories of dress. This chapter will serve as the foundation for the rest of the project.

The chapter that follows the theoretical framework will focus on providing examples of subversion through presentation. I will apply the theories and concepts from the previous chapter to show that there is theoretical merit in each of the examples.

The final chapter of this project will outline the limitations of my project, potential criticisms, and reasonable objections that could be raised in response to my project. Of the possible objections that could be raised, a few include, the overemphasis placed on appearance, the limitation that monetary restriction presents, and indifference toward dress and fashion felt by those that do not have any particular interests in dress.


McBride, Lee




dress, presentation, subversion, identity, performativity

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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