This Independent Study will serve as a theatrical project of analyzing Adrienne Kennedy’s debut play, Funnyhouse of a Negro, to understand it as a work of Theatre for Social Change. Through a thorough analysis of the play, the social and historical context from which it was written, and research into what Theatre for Social Change is, I found elements of Theatre for Social Change present in the play itself and in the delivery of it. After analyzing the play itself, I created a concept of the play that will help to see this play as the beginning of a discussion of racism in present-day America and how it affects the lives of Black people.

By directing this play, an analysis of students of color having a larger presence in the theatre was also conducted; I worked with a crew of mostly students of color, and almost half of the was were actors of color. In the end, I analyzed how this small production of Funnyhouse of a Negro could be a reflection of theatre (and society) if more directors of color were given a chance to actually produce work geared towards social change.


Noriega, Jimmy


Theatre and Dance


Fine Arts

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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