The purpose of this study is to explore how Christianity and Chinese culture influence the marriages of Chinese Christians living in Northeast Ohio. Through interviews, participants shared how their marriage ideals and practices are influenced by Christian and Chinese texts, teachings, values and communities. They also shared their views on what they value most in marriage and what they consider to be the purpose of marriage. I analyze how Christianity and Chinese culture interact in the marriage lives and experiences of Chinese Christians. The respondents shared how these traditions influence their view and experiences with conflict, commitment, children, and gender roles in marriage and family life. There are similarities and differences in how Christianity and Chinese culture influence them. Community is a crucial aspect of how Chinese Christian married couples are influenced by Chinese and Christian traditions. Chinese culture and Christianity are foundational to the marriages of the Chinese Christians living in Northeast Ohio that I interviewed.


Rapport, Jeremy


Religious Studies


Chinese Studies | Christianity | Religion


Chinese, Christianity, Marriage, China, Religion, Culture, Family, Community, Christian

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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