This study aimed to explore the application of the uses and gratifications theory to Riot Games’ popular online computer game League of Legends. It analyzed three different motivations of entertainment, achievement, and social interaction which players have for playing League of Legends and interacting with others while playing the game. It utilized an online survey distributed to various League of Legends game communities in order to measure motivations as well as other game related factors. While all three of the motivations were shown to be strong, this study found that entertainment was the strongest motivation for playing League of Legends. Out of all of the factors analyzed in this study, it was concluded that the gameplay time per session and gameplay time per week had the most significant relationships to all three of the motivations.


Johnson, Michelle


Communication Studies


Communication | Communication Technology and New Media | Social and Behavioral Sciences


video games, motivation, entertainment, achievement, social interaction

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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