New Orleans has been a cultural melting pot since the four centuries since its foundation. Along with all the mixing of cultures and races in the former slave city, racial divisions were created by the governments that controlled the city. This history of inequality and oppression has been a blight on the city's records and this paper will explore the three main injustices that have placed blacks into the role of being second-class citizens. These three issues are race-based violence, environmental injustice, and neighborhood segregation. This paper will chronicle events of the three injustices that have pushed blacks to be second-class citizens since the foundation of New Orleans up to the travesty of Hurricane Katrina hitting the city in 2005. The black population of New Orleans has been oppressed by the governments, colonial, federal, state, and municipal, into a situation of second-class living that has permanently and negatively affected their lives and the lives of their ancestors.


Sene, Ibra




African American Studies | United States History


new orleans, segregation, environmental injustice, police brutality, violence, hurricane katrina

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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