Many studies have reported connections between certain factors and meningioma growth rates, but each provides a different account of what factors are significant predictors and to what degree. Therefore, these prognostic factors must be verified across multiple studies to determine their usefulness to the medical research community and medical practice. I conducted a systematic review of the literature using Google Scholar and citation mining and meta-analyzed 18 studies to investigate the correlation between meningioma growth rate and multiple prognostic factors (calcification, peritumoral edema, T2-weighted MRI hyperintensity, initial tumor size, skull base tumor location, patient sex assigned at birth, and patient age). The growth rate was negatively correlated with tumor calcification but positively correlated with peritumoral edema, MRI T2 signal, and initial tumor size. No association was found between tumor growth and other features such as skull base location, patient sex assigned at birth, and patient age. For WHO grades, there were not enough studies included to perform a meta-analysis. Meningiomas with peritumoral edema, hyperintense T2-weighted MRI signal, and large initial size indicate a rapid-growth meningioma, which supports surgery as the best treatment strategy. Conversely, meningiomas with calcification are best addressed with the “wait and see” approach.


Brandley, Nicholas




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Meningioma, Peritumoral edema, Calcification, Initial tumor size, Meta-analysis, Volumetric analysis, Growth rate, Prognostic factors, Treatment, Skull base tumor location, T2-weighted MRI hyperintensity, WHO grade, Patient age, Patient sex assigned at birth

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