Despite the vast research on elementary education, little is known about how current third grade teachers are preparing their students for the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) and how No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has affected current third grade teachers' classroom instruction. In the present study, I conducted nine ethnographic interviews of current third grade teachers. The following were among the results: (1) Preparing students for the OAA is a process of creative collaboration. (2) Preparing students for the OAA involves using outside resources. (3) NCLB is pushing teachers to teach to the test. (4) NCLB and standardized testing are improving more than harming classroom instruction. There are three implications from this study that include: (1) Merit pay could have a negative impact on elementary education. (2) Equal learning environments and teacher training are vital parts of elementary education. (3) NCLB could benefit from small modifications.


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