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This edition of the College of Wooster's student run newspaper was published on March 31 of 2017, and it is eight pages long. Published once a year, close to April Fool's Day, the Wooster Vice is a joke newspaper made up of fake stories.

After many students visited campus on I.S. Monday, the number of incoming freshman has grown to 3,200. The egg station in Lowry has taken on a new responsibility as a reproductive health provider and egg bank where students can donate their eggs for Flex dollars. Security and Protective Services declared martial law this morning, overthrowing the administration. Scott Brown's hat has decidedly been declared as a horcrux. Hazing will now be required by all chartered organizations, according to the Campus Council. Grant Cornwell, former president of the college, wrote a letter to the Voice asking the college to take him back. Eli Millette is going into real estate by selling off his senior carrel. A new class will be offered by Dr. Doyoulike J. Azz titled ENGL-150: Bee Movie: Postmodernism and Agency. The Lowry tip of the week is to make a grilled cheese using cottage cheese. The new exhibition at the CWAM is titled 'Send Nudes' which features portraits and statues of naked women. The sports section will be cut from future editions in order to save ink.

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April Fool's Day, Wooster Vice, I.S. Monday

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The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2017-03-31