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The college is greatly debating the addition of a new freshman dorm to campus since each new class keeps growing in size. It is unsure where this new dorm would go, and if there is even space for it. In the national news side column on the first page, a six year old boy in Austin, Texas had a gun fall out of his pocket in the cafeteria, he and two other children were injured. The College of Wooster was chosen to participate in the "Choose Kellogg's and Help Fight Hunger" campaign. The bottom of the second page has the security briefs section. The third page has an article about the concerns of a student for the amount of unhealthy food options the college gives. Two seniors did their independent study on HIV/AIDS in the United States and Ghana, this article is on page five. A review of the Spring Dance Concert that occurred last week is on page six. The sports section can be found on page seven through eight of this edition of the Wooster Voice.

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Kellogg's, dormitory, Security Briefs, healthy food, HIV/AIDS, spring dance concert, independent study, fight hunger, gun danger


College newspapers; College athletics; Advertisements; People with AIDS; Kellogg Company; Gun control; Dance recitals

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2011-04-22