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This edition of the Wooster Voice, published on April first of 2010, is eight pages long. This issue is called the "Wooster Vice." It is the April Fools edition, featuring articles that are made up and meant to be jokes.

The Greek's are going to throw an all-campus party in Timken Library. Page two has an article about how next year's incoming freshman will be placed into dorms with the Sorting Hat. President Cornwell does not wear a helmet when riding his bicycle. The Library will be closed on Saturday and Sunday in order to reduce electricity and save the environment. Lowry Dining Hall is a five star restaurant, students are lucky to have it. Tim Burton had been chosen to direct the last Harry Potter film: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." Johnny Depp was chosen to replace Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. Burton's next project will be directing "High School Musical 4." The theater department will be adding to its major in order to be "The Department of Theatre and Dance and Clown and Mime." Next season's swimming meets will have weapons incorporated into the competition in order to increase viewing popularity.

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