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This edition of the Wooster Voice was published on March 3 of 2006, and it is eight pages long. The Sexual Assault Policy will be undergoing its biennial review this year through a committee headed by the Dean of Students. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week events kicked off on Monday. The last Great Decisions lecture for the year was given on February 28 by David Hendrickson, his speech was titled, "Will America Decline?" A select bunch of faculty have their literary successes highlighted on page two. Brian Frederico writes on protesters that show up at military funerals on page three. This weekend students can watch and participate in Get a Clue Murder Mysteries' Mobster's Menu for Murder which will be performed in the Kenarden Main Lounge. An image of the new Gault Manor room set up is on page four. Sarah Brown's article on page four discusses the Relay for Life event. Ways to fight the flu and stay healthy are on page five: wash your hands, don't share food and drinks, sleep, and more. Saving, budgeting, and resources tips are also on page five. The athletic updates for the week are on page seven and eight.

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Sexual Assault Policy, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, David Hendrickson, Mobster's Menu for Murder, murder mystery performance, Relay for Life, Gault Manor, flu season, Great Decisions Lecture, David Hendrickson


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The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 2006-03-03