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This issue of the Wooster Voice prominently features a photo of a member of student government purchasing a war bond. Other stories prominently featured on the front page include the capture of a Wooster pilot by the Germans, speculation as to the preferred type of person to be the next Wooster College President. A special dinner is to be held, which is managed by a black leader, William McKnight, a member of an organization created by President Roosevelt to promote black participation in the war and public sector. Page 2 features an advertisement for working with the Navy, an op-ed arguing that the Soviet Union's recent adaptation of democracy is a transparent ruse, and that Stalin is working towards a post-war domination of Eastern Europe, granting him far more influence in the future League of Nations, and that Britain is working towards the same goal in Western Europe, meaning that the United States must come to a decision in foreign policy as to its post war vision and actively move to enforce it. Page 2 also features a call for class and club meetings to both begin and end on time. Page 3 is the sports section, and page 4 which is mostly advertisements and continued stories from previous pages.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


No Copyright - United States


Post-War Order, Balance of Power, POWs, Segregation, Civil Rights, Black-White Integration, William McKnight, President Roosevelt, Stalin


College newspapers; College athletics; Advertisements; World War, 1939-1945; Civil rights; United States. President (1933-1945 : Roosevelt)

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1944-02-17