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This edition includes a variety of articles detailing the events of Dad’s Weekend at the College of Wooster. The college's radio station, WCW, will begin broadcasting tonight after being rebuilt. On the first page of the newspaper, on the top left hand corner, a small message states that the Dad’s Day Dance is free for all. Another article describes all the events taking place on Dad’s Weekend, acting therefore as an advertisement, encouraging students to bring their fathers to the various festivities. Another article describes the success of Mr. Logan’s play ‘The Man’ at the College, and congratulates the cast on their growing successes. The article goes on to describe the thriller, and the highlights of the students’ performance. The section dedicated to World News Roundup discusses the invasion of Tibet by Chinese communist troops. Additionally, it also discusses the decision of the UN General Assembly to allow Spain membership in certain UN agencies, thereby relinquishing certain diplomatic bans on Spain. The third page of the newspaper is dedicated to sports and a variety of articles discuss the victories and losses of the Scot athletic department against different colleges. Lastly, advertisements from local businesses and the Wooster community have been distributed throughout the course of the newspaper.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


No Copyright - United States


Dad's Weekend, Logan, Dad's Day Dance, The Man, World News Round Up, UN General Assembly, Tibet, Chinese invasion, Basketball, Football, historical advertisements, WCW


College newspapers; College athletics; Cold War

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1950-11-09