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This edition of the newspaper includes an article which describes the weeklong Crusade for Freedom on the Wooster campus, which resulted in contributions totaling $225.51. Additionally, participating in a nation-wide campaign, approximately 75% of the Wooster students placed their signatures on the Freedom Scrolls. Another article details the choosing of Queen Pinky’s Court for Homecoming, and presents each new member of the Court along with a picture. The highlights of a comical theatre production called Whistle was discussed in another article, along with an image of some of the cast in action. The editors of the newspaper advertise the upcoming German Art exhibit which was due to open the following day, encouraging the student body to attend. Another fascinating article describes the event that took place at Kenyon the previous weekend in honor of Robert Frost, who not only attended the event but also gave an invigorating speech. Later in the paper, an article discusses the policy pros and cons of rearming Germany, proving to be an interesting read. Advertisements from local businesses and the Wooster community have been distributed throughout the course of the newspaper.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


No Copyright - United States


Crusade for Freedom, Freedom Scroll, Homecoming, Whistle, Robert Frost, Kenyon, Germany, historical advertisements


College newspapers; College athletics; Cold War; Freedom; Home-coming

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1950-10-12