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Wooster Board of Trustees approves a proposed smoking room in lower Kauke. Student Senate agrees to joint ownership with the speech department over the college radio station. The National Student Association wins the financial support of Student Senate. Eight Wooster students travel to Case Institute to compete in the annual northeastern Ohio debate conference Varsity Tournament. There is a small article on the UFO craze beginning to sweep the nation, focusing on a supposed sighting at the nearby (and now infamous for such reasons) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Increasing deterioration of US-Russia relations is noted in an article. Phi Beta Kappa and the office of the deans announce the names of students credited with high academic achievements. Additionally, the issue includes a review the one act Week of Prayer play, "The Thinker."

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Wooster Board of Trustees, smoking room, lower Kauke, Kauke smoking room, smoking on college campuses, Wooster Student Senate, Wooster speech department, Wooster radio, Woo 91, WCWS, National Student Association Wooster, Case Institute, northeastern Ohio debate conference Varsity Tournament, Phi Beta Kappa, Wooster office of the deans, academic achievements, Wooster Week of Prayer, The Thinker


College newspapers; College athletics; Cold War; Smoking; Religion; Christianity

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1950-03-09