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This edition of the newspaper includes an article describing the success of Color Day, and recounting each event to the fullest extent. The first two pages of this newspaper are specifically dedicated to the festivities of Color Day. This edition also includes the program for the Band Concert that took place at the Memorial chapel on this festive day. An article in this section is dedicated to the Men’s Glee Club, showering them with praise for their fine performance. Later in the paper, the section on Campus Notes touches upon a variety of different upcoming events. An article informs the student body of the upcoming production of the The Modern Merchant of Venice, while another article encourages the student body to attend the Novel English Recitation later that week. The Editorial focuses on the success of Color Day, applauding the student body for their spirit. Later in the paper, the baseball game against Ashland college is recounted and scores listed for those interested in the highlights of the game. Advertisements from local businesses are distributed throughout the latter half of this newspaper.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


No Copyright - United States


Color Day, Band Concert, Memorial Chapel, Men's Glee Club, Campus Notes, The Modern Merchant of Venice, Editorial, Baseball, historical advertisements


Concert; Music clubs; Theatre

Wooster voice. (Wooster, Ohio), 1908-05-06

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