Submissions from 2018

Aprendizado e Ensino Ativos nas Relações Internacionais: Melhores Prácticas, Inovações e Novas Vozes Active Teaching and Learning in International Relations: Best Practices, Innovations, and New Voices, Kent Kille


Kurt Waldheim, 1972-1981, Kent Kille

Are All Foreign Policy Innovators Created Equal? The New Generation of Congressional Foreign Policy Entrepreneurship, Kevin Marsh and Jeffrey S. Lantis

Submissions from 2017

The Evolvement of International Secretariats, Executive Heads and Leadership in Inter-Organizational Relations., Kent Kille and Bob Reinalda

How combining framing strategies affects human rights micromobilization, Kyla Jo McEntire, Michele Leiby, and Matthew Krain

Submissions from 2016

Agentic constructivism and the Proliferation Security Initiative: Modeling norm change, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Nonproliferation and Norm Discourse: An Agentic Constructivist Model of U.S. Nuclear Export Policy Changes, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Cold War-Era Deterrence and International Relations in the Middle East, George H. Quester, Patrick M. Morgan, and Jeffrey S. Lantis

The Interplay of Candidate Party and Gender in Evaluations of Political Candidates, Monica C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos

Submissions from 2015

The unintended effects of political party affirmative action policies on female candidates’ nomination chances, Angela L. Bos

The Effects of Human Rights on the Success of Microcredit Lending Institutions, Elisabeth C. Bremer and Matthew Krain

Building a Gender and Methodology Curriculum: Integrated Skills, Exercises, and Practices, Erin C. Cassese, Mirya R. Holman, Monica C. Schneider, and Angela L. Bos

Active Teaching and Learning in Cross‐National Perspective, Matthew Krain, Kent J. Kille, and Jeffrey S. Lantis

Nuclear Technology and Norm Stewardship: US Nonproliferation Policies Revisited, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change: An Experimental Examination of Framing and Micromobilization, Kyla Jo McEntire, Michele Leiby, and Matthew Krain

Pre- and Post-Welfare Reform Media Portrayals of Poverty in the United States: The Continuing Importance of Race and Ethnicity, Bas W. van Doorn

Submissions from 2014

How Are, and Should, Parliamentarians of States Be Involved in Global Governance?, Kent Kille and Chadwick F. Alger

Measuring Stereotypes of Female Politicians, Monica C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos

Submissions from 2013

A Hidden Curriculum? Examining the Gender Content in Introductory-Level Political Science Textbooks, E. C. Cassese and Angela L. Bos

Secretaries-General of International Organizations: Leadership Capacity and Qualities, Kent Kille

Submissions from 2012


New Research on Gender in Political Psychology, Angela L. Bos, E. C. Cassese, L. E. Duncan, J. S. Greenlee, R. J. Hannagan, and M. C. Schneider

The Effects of HDTV on Perceptions of Obama and Mccain in a 2008 Presidential Debate, Angela L. Bos, Bas W. van Doorn, and A. C. Smanik


Integrating Gender into the Political Science Core Curriculum, E. C. Cassese, Angela L. Bos, and L. E. Duncan

The UN Secretary-General and Self-Directed Leadership: Development of the Democracy Agenda, Kent Kille

J'Accuse! Does Naming and Shaming Perpetrators Reduce the Severity of Genocides or Politicides?, Matthew Krain

Submissions from 2011

Out of Control: Delegates' Information Sources and Perceptions of Female Candidates, Angela L. Bos

Working with Harold Guetzkow: Reflections from a Last Link in the Chain, Kent Kille

NATO and the United Nations: Debates and Trends in Institutional Coordination, Kent Kille and Ryan Hendrickson

Irrational Exuberance? The 2010 Npt Review Conference, Nuclear Assistance, and Norm Change, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Redefining the Nonproliferation Norm? Australian Uranium, the Npt, and the Global Nuclear Revival, Jeffrey S. Lantis

Continuity or Change? The Strategic Culture of Australia, Jeffrey S. Lantis and Andrew Charlton

An Exploration of the Content of Stereotypes of Black Politicians, M. C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos

Submissions from 2010

Secretary-General Leadership Across the United Nations and Nato: Kofi Annan, Javier Solana, and Operation Allied Force, Kent J. Kille and R. C. Hendrickson

The Effects of Different Types of Case Learning on Student Engagement, Matthew Krain

Active Teaching and Learning: The State of the Literature, Jeffrey Lantis, Kent Kille, and Matthew Krain