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In this letter to her Mother Mary writes on 4 pages of Y.W.C.A stationary in blue ink front and back about Mother's Day, with an illustration of a tree and a beautifully written ode to her Mother she then goes on to talk about Fred visiting campus, Esther's room at Miller Manor for the following year and her dreams of getting into the national forensic fraternity the following year. She bought a pair of sport shoes she found on sale and was looking forward to a visit from the new Y.W. President.


Mother Dear:

There are two days in May so close together in time and in meaning that they cannot help but be an inspiration to your daughter many miles away from you - but thought of them brings you very close. – Mother’s day – set apart in honor of our dearest friend on earth --- and what a beautiful day it is, too. A perfect day. – If you were in Wooster now – walking down from Hoover past Holden, you would glance over towards the back of the tea House (without a doubt) and there beside a large tree you would see a girl in yellow – seemingly sitting on the grass – and you would wonder what the black thing next to her was – On coming closer perhaps as far as the drive way you would hear a faint sound – and listening closer you come to the conclusion that the the strains of [unclear] “Mother Macrie” [/unclear] were coming from a [unclear] Victrola [/unclear] which was the “black thing” you saw at first – and that the girl was propped up by pillows – sitting on a rug – and then you would notice she was a letter ------ and looking still more – she would probably lift up her head and you would exclaim --- “Why it’s Mary Elizabeth” ---

What a wonderful surprise that would be – on Mothers day of all days in the year. But along with Mother’s day – Almost twenty years ago a young bride was bearing for the world a soul soon to bud out into an innocent, tiny – bright eyed babe – and what a perfect baby it was – and least the young couple believed it so – and were so happy – and prayed that God might direct that soul and use it for service in this dark old world – and so has been their prayer for twenty years.

And so this Mother’s Day comes around along with the fourteenth of May – this babe – now grown to be a young lady – thinks back over the twenty years of life in this old world and with all these thoughts in mind – wonders of the dearest prayer of that Mother’s heart is being answered – and is challenged by the very thought of it to be a soul more worthy of that Mother love which is felt so strongly.

A week ago today your son and daughter were walking around on the campus of Wooster about this time – yes – arm in arm – and enjoying each other, and the beauties of the day so much.

“Memories” – what wonderful intangible things they are – Life would be very hollow without them.

The campus is getting so beautiful this last week has been so warm and beautiful! – and as I said before, this Sunday is perfect.

I suppose Frederick has been telling you all about last week and what a wonderful time we had. I’m glad he got to interview Dean Vance and to meet Miss Moore.

I don’t believe I’m satisfied with his room-mate – its for next year. I don’t believe it wise for him to room with Bob for several reasons – Answering them – first – he ought to be in a Freshman group --- to get in contact with his own class --- Otherwise I’m afraid he’ll miss them rooming with a Junior and in the second place he ought to make his own way – more or less and not be sheltered too much – he’ll be better for it in the long run. He mustn’t miss Freshman life – it’s wonderful – and there [sic] a very important reason – also – that it will put put [sic] me under obligation to Bob – and you never can tell how serious it might become.

On the other hand Bob would make a fine room-mate – but I think the other arguments greatly outweigh this one.

As for Esther’s room next year, I believe now that a certain thing has happened that a room at Miller Manor is the best she could have. This “thing that happened” was the only thing that didn’t want me to have her room at Miller Manor – and that was the matron. This matron, the other day, decided that wasn’t particularly liked around here and had a hunch that she would be fired – so packed her things and left. – so now Esther will have an ideal place to room. It isn’t but about 30 steps from the conservatory and she can practise [sic] most any time she wishes – and it is a dorm – next best to Hoover for Freshman and holds about 25 girls just a nice number too. The Miller Manor bunch has their own parties – Open house & sweaters. A smaller bunch like 25 can have marks of distinction like sweaters etc. more like a club – while a big dorm like Hoover can’t have It’s more like Colonial & Garner club (Soph. houses) -- only the rooms at the Manor are bigger. And now I want to tell you how much I appreciated the good things you sent us. The chickens were so good! I suppose Fred has told you how I fed up the fellows dorm at the Inky and also that evening I took some over to 6 of my girl friends[sic] over at the dorms. Got them all together in the one room & gave them a spread – it was the only time I could and it made it different. Loads of fun and they appreciated it so much. Many girls here have not met you know a good deal about you alright.

This is supposed to be a tree just ahead of me - beside the walk - to the left of Holden. Do you know what I’m doing for the Genetics department of the college? - Am drawing the wing of a certain species of a fly – for his office. Then he expects me to photograph them – He’s paying me by the drawing – Please tell me - I haven’t the least idea how much they are worth. But you can imagine how perfect they have to be. Isn’t that wonderful tho? [sic] He wants me to do some drawing for him this summer and wants to know if I will and says he’ll see that I have access to a microscope that may mean a little money alrite. [sic] The very latest news I can think of to tell you however is the fact that Boots is expecting to come to Wooster for color day – However when I read that – it just went in one ear and out the other – somehow I have a feeling she won’t come and I’ll be much more surprised if she comes and if she does not come. However, it will be MARVELOUS if she does come! Fred says that you were planning to come if I got in the play. Perhaps next year I can make it.

Bob took me to the Delta Sigma Rho banquet last Thurs nite – and the debaters were presented with medals. Two of our girl debaters received the Delta Signa Rho key – which costs $25.00 with the diamonds in it. They are beautiful. Think of it your daughter will be in the national forensic fraternity next year. There’s only 8 students in Wooster that belong besides Prexy – and 3 other professors – and one can’t get in till [sic] a jounior [sic] – and hat when I’ll get in - if all goes well. Did Fred tell you what Prof Miller told you the evening he met him at Taylor Hall?

I haven’t anything were [sic] my medal on! Does Esther wear her locket? If she doesn’t do you suppose you could send me the chain so I could wear my medal? My chain is a little long, then too it is silver and my medal is gold. Would you like to send it to me? It would be fun to wear it next week end when Mary’s here.

Bought a pair of shoes last night. Sport shoes! (both my pairs of pumps are shabby and my feet tire wearing them – but hadn’t felt I could buy a pair before summer) The first pair I tried on at one store were plain – but leather soles – they were $5.00. Though I would look around a little and , and [sic] what do you think I paid for a pair just as good and more comfortable. --- $2.75 --- Can you beat that. They have gum soles and feel grand on. So, I left my pair of pumps down there to be fixed. I feel quite pleased over such a bargain. Also got some [unclear] goods [/unclear] to widen the slip under my new yellow lace dress which of no doubt you have already heard!

Dorothy Bonnel, [sic] the new Y.W. Pres’ and the girl who stayed with Boots at the National Y.W. convention a couple week ago is coming to spend the evening with me and to stay all nite [sic] so perhaps I’d better go and get things fixed up. It’s now 5: o’clock so you see it’s taken me all afternoon to write this letter. Budding Nature is so distracting – and so are the people which flit here and there amidst it.

Much Love to All


Congratulations Dad – for Moderator. Don’t do too much!



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Letter from Mary to Mother- May 1926



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