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On pink paper Mary writes to her Mother Dad about how she’s settling into her room with Mary and that Esther is doing well and is surprised she’s not homesick. In blue ink she lists her schedule for the year and reports that Mary did not get one as well as hers.


At College

1135 Beall Ave

Dear Mother and Dad:

Just came from my fourth class today and found your letter waiting. Mary has a headache and is trying to rest now. Our room is completely furnished now and looks just wonderful. More people have said that it’s the nicest room they’ve seen. Everything seems to have come out O.K for us three children.

Dad- so far Esthers attitude towards me and things in generally seems to have completely changed – If you could watch – you would feel more light hearted and encouraged than

you have in a long, long time. She says she thought she would be homesick for the girls but she’s surprised even herself in that she’s wondering about you folks. One thing that is a blessing is that her two room-mates are dears. Mary Russel is sort of an easy going type but very sincere and lovable. “Sig” Peterson is the other one – a girl from Northfield and a friend of my little sister, Lillian Scudder. Neither of Esthers room-mates have any cash to throw away in fact they are both looking for work. Esther & Fred both have come to me often – Fred likes Bob very much I guess.

I helped Esther with her schedule and she has an exceptionally fine list of subject and teachers. I have a fine schedule also - - Fri – Wed and Mon. are my heavy days. This is what I’m taking

History – advanced course 3 hours

Debate & Argumentation 2 hours

Eng. – Classical Influences 3 hours

Psychology - 3 hours

Beginning Spanish 5 hours

16 hours

Mary Boots did not get such a satisfactory schedule because she did not get here in time to register the best classes.

Today has been sort of a dreary, rainy day but the sun is beginning to shine now.

You should see the beautiful picture of the chapel Mary painted for me and the lovely frame on it. She also brought me a beautiful yellow moonstone pin from Boston – It’s a large pin and matches so many of my things.

Mary and I are enjoying our devotions together so much. Esther is keeping hers up – both of her room-mates are, too. College certainly can do wonders. It can either “make” or break - - I pray that it may help your children so that you can be always proud of them.

Dad- you must rest up. The great Physician heals if only we could have more implicit faith.

Much Love

Mary Elizabeth

Letter from Janice & Francis Smith.



Publication Date

Fall 1926


Letters; College Life; Schedules, School;Devotional exercises


Wooster, Ohio


letters, scheduling, home sickness, prayer, painting

Letter from Mary to Folks - circa Fall 1926



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