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This letter was written by Mary Brouwer, one of Mary Behner's friends, to Mary Behner's mother during her freshman year. It is written on Wooster stationery in a card format using blue ink. Mary Brouwer thanks Mrs. Behner for sending her a gift, tells her about Mary Behner playing basketball, and mentions an upcoming conference of the Student Volunteers of the Northern Ohio Colleges.


Feb. 17, 1925

My dear Mrs. Behner-

I have one lesson to get and will see that an hour is sufficient for it for I realize that I more than owe you a letter.

Your box last week! It was so dear. From the little verse on the outside to the “handkeys” in the coat pockets the beauty of

mothers love just radiated. No that word isn’t right- but I can’t express the beautiful feeling it gave me - the reverence for the love of a mother for her daughter.

Mary is playing basketball tonight. They play the Juniors. I just returned from Student Volunteers and will try to run over to the gym before nine. (that is if I can get my algebra in that time.)

You will love the girls and the spirit. You will

just love Wooster, I know Pops did. It hardly seems true that he was really here. It seems more like a happy dream. How we shall look forward more and more as days go on to your coming. Hurrah for May 14th!

The Student Volunteers of the Northern Ohio Colleges are to hold thier Conference here the beginning of March. It keeps us very busy. I’m going to ask Mary to be on my committee for she has such novel ideas for decorating. Mr. Dinwiddle and Dr. Wilder are to be here. Also Dr. Graham of Oberlin. We are praying for a great awakening on our campus through them. Will you remember us.

With love to you all

Your “other” Mary [Brouwer]

Letter from Mary Brouwer to Mrs. Behner- February 17, 1925

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