This paper examines the relationship between local police and television news journalists in small town America in order to identify effective strategies for building and maintaining trust and increasing positive communication between the two organizations. The study was designed as a quantitative study, performed using an Internet based survey that focused on police and media relations specifically designed to measure the perceptions of journalists and police, the strategies used to communicate between the two organizations, the effectiveness of community policing, and the role of the public information officer. Police officers and television news journalists from around the country were selected based on availability through the use of the Nielsen market rankings. The research findings suggest that that police personnel consider the relationship between the two organizations to be stronger than journalists consider it to be, both police and journalists hold strong impressions of one another, and both organizations need to be more open to information sharing at all levels in order to build a stronger police-media relationship.


Johnson, Michelle


Communication Studies


Journalism Studies | Social Influence and Political Communication


communication studies, police, media, conflict, organization, journalism

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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