Many of the decisions we make are based on visual cues. Whether they are about what food to buy, or what part of the word to vacation to, there is more than likely some visual component persuading you to do so. When it comes to selecting a college or university to attend, logos and other forms of rhetoric attempt to convey the values and ideologies of the institution. This study provides an analysis and recreation of The College of Wooster's three primary marketing images: the wordmark, the secondary Kauke Arch logo, and tagline. From administrator interviews and student focus groups, this study examines the current identity of The College of Wooster. The results showed that The College of Wooster's current imagery and rhetoric are not unique to the school, and therefore new recreations were needed.


Atay, Ahmet


Communication Studies


Graphic Communications | Public Relations and Advertising

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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