This Independent Study observed a baseball team from a small Liberal Arts college in the Mideast region of the United States. Ethnography was performed on this culture during the fall season to understand what types of Nonverbal Communication were used in a baseball setting. Personal Narrative was also used along with ethnography to give a better understanding of the nonverbal communication that was occurring. Seven players within the culture of baseball were interviewed to gain an insider's perspective of the baseball culture that they were apart of. Five types of nonverbal communication were studied including: haptics, proxemics, kinesics, appearance, and facial expressions/eye movement. The common themes of the interview, along with the observations were explained by the author's personal narrative within the culture of baseball that he is a part of.


Atay, Ahmet


Communication Studies


Critical and Cultural Studies | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication


baseball, nonverbal communication, organizational groups, organizaitonal communication, sport communication

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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