This study investigates the relationship between religion and science within the context, or categories, set up by Ian G. Barbour. Barbour's fourfold typology is used as a model to look at scientific and religious understandings of creation myths and the apocalypse. The religious creations myths that are looked at are Genesis 1, 2, God's creation of the world, and Genesis 7-10, Noah and the flood. Whereas the mainstream scientific theories for creation that are looked at are the Big Bang and Evolution. As for the apocalypse, the book of Revelation, from the Holy Bible, is looked at as a possible end time allegory. For the scientific side of the apocalypse, this study shows the combination of the book of Revelation's ideas and that of scientific possibilities for the end of days. This study concludes with a look at the possibility for the coexistence of science and religion, from which it is learned that the conflict between these two entities is merely that of a loud minority and that, if involved in a discussion, science and religion can, indeed, coexist.


Wick, Margaret


Communication Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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