Research has examined the relationship between personality factors, body image, and psychological well-being. Some researchers look at how the three variables interact and relate to each other. Previous research shows how different levels of Emotionality and Extraversion influence one’s body image and psychological well-being (Allen & Celestino, 2018; Kokko et al., 2013; Lie et al., 2015; Swami et al., 2008). One’s body image also influences their psychological well-being. Additionally, personality factors, such as high Emotionality and low Extraversion can lead to someone having worse body image and worse well-being (Allen & Celestino, 2018). In a questionnaire that was made up of previously existing measures, participants were asked about Emotionality, Extraversion, body image, and psychological well- being. The current study examined the relationship between personality factors (Emotionality and Extraversion), body image, and psychological well-being in a gender-diverse and queer sample. Being gender inclusive within the current research allows more people within the population to be represented within the research rather than focusing on the gender binary.


Garcia, Amber




Personality and Social Contexts | Social Justice


Emotionality, Extraversion, body image, psychological well-being, gender-diverse

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar


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