This study examines the sense of belonging and social support in relational communication among members of non-familial groups who form families in the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. Specifically, this study analyzes the youth in the show and how they form non-familial families. The method used to analyze the show is textual analysis with Galman’s grounded approach. The major conclusion I found is that the group of kids in the show Stranger Things act as a family by choice and use communal coping and social support as a way to strengthen their relationships as a group. Aspects of communal coping and social support like shared time, support, sacrifice, and identity are the most used tools by the kids as a way to maintain these strong bonds.


Razzante, Robert


Communication Studies


Arts and Humanities


communal coping, grounded approach, family, identity, relationship(s), sacrifice, shared time, social support, Stranger Things, support, textual analysis

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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