Previous research indicates that race influences individuals’ perceptions of the targeted race and criminality. However, few studies have researched whether race affects criminal punishment based on activism. The current research studied the punishment an individual would receive for disturbing the peace, rioting, and disorderly conduct, based on their race and social activism display they participated in. There were four descriptions created, two scenarios using a White male and two scenarios using a Black male, both scenarios the same. In the scenarios they described the acts they committed at either a Black Lives Matter movement or a Vote Now movement and the punishments they could be facing. Each participant was given one of the four scenarios to answer questions on. The results indicate that there was no significant interaction between race and the social activism movements or the punishments. The results are discussed in the context of previous findings.


Garcia, Amber




Social Psychology


Stereotypes, Criminality, Social Activism, Black Lives Matter

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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