Exercise is a common component of weight maintenance and weight loss strategies. In order to examine variables that can create effective health behavior change, this study surveyed 244 undergraduate female students with an online survey. Participants were randomly assigned to one of six conditions based on source (parent, peer, romantic partner) and feedback (positive, negative) and completed an online survey to examine the influence of source, feedback, and personality (BIS/BAS) on exercise intention and exercise motivation (internal and external). To analyze the data, three 3-way ANOVAs were conducted. Results indicate a significant main effect of personality on intention and internal motivation, a significant two-way interaction between source and feedback on exercise intention, and a significant three-way interaction between source, feedback, and personality on exercise intention. No other results were significant. The findings suggest that source, feedback, and personality all influence one's exercise intention and motivation; however, future research should closer examine these differences to find larger effects.


Gillund, Gary

Second Advisor

Hartman, James


Mathematics; Psychology


Applied Mathematics

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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