This research utilizes an interview-based study that examines the experiences that Latinx students at a predominantly white liberal arts institution face and how they utilize social networks and navigate college. This study utilizes literature that is focused on college decision influence, campus climate impact, and social networks for Latinx students. Interviews were conducted with nine Latinx identifying students who were in their junior or senior year of college at a 4-year institution. I utilize Bourdieu’s theory of forms of capital as well as Critical Race Theory more specifically LatCrit Theory. The themes that emerged within this study were in terms of family messages, networking, financial aspects, culture shock/ campus climate, support systems, and perceptions of college support. The themes highlight how Latinx students struggle when it comes to applying to college and throughout college. As well as how Latinx students need to learn to navigate applying to college and their time during college via social networks. These themes are then analyzed to understand how they utilize these social networks to navigate their experiences in the application process and their time in college due to oftentimes having little knowledge of college and how to navigate their experiences.


Miyawaki, Michael


Sociology and Anthropology


Higher Education


Higher Education, Latinx, Latinx Students, PWI, Underrepresentation, POC, College, Universities

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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