The comprehensive topic of research for this project is staff scheduling. The goal of the thesis is to develop a unique staff scheduling linear programming model for summer conference student staff scheduling at Wooster. The model design is based on the needs and priorities of Wooster's summer conference staff scheduling. The College of Wooster Student Activities Office hires a small team of students every summer to staff the Wooster Summer Conferences. These "conferences'' include athletics camps as well as more traditional conference activities. Modeling work in this thesis presents a "proof of concept.'' That is, there has been enough preliminary research and work done to verify this as a way to model staff preferences. The models solved focused on the staff level ability to meet demand and maximizing staff preferences. The Wooster model formulated aims to maximize student preferences given a set number of staff. The solutions to the model yield a level of at which staff preferences are satisfied for a particular staff level. The marginal increase in the normalized solution values as we move from 6 to 7 up to 8 staff members, demonstrates the model move closer to an ideal preference level. The results will then not necessarily be the optimal solution found from each model, but rather an extrapolation of information from those solutions that demonstrates how much they are able to increase students preferences marginally. With set objectives in mind research and model design began.


Ramsay, John




Applied Mathematics


staff scheduling

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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