We present the general expressions force and torque on a dipolar particle of arbitrary linear birefringence. We use the derived equations to model the behavior of the anisotropic particle kyanite in the field of a light-transmitting optical nanofiber submerged in water. We examine the qualitative and quantitative features of the motion of the particle. We find that the steady-state orientation of the particle has one of its body-frame axes fixed perpendicular to the plane of the electric field while the other two rotate without stopping in the plane of the electric field. The rate at which the particle spins is nearly fixed but has small oscillations which represent less than 2% of its magnitude. This causes the force on the particle to oscillate, giving rise to vibration modes in the particle as it transverses its helical trajectory around the nanofiber.


Kelvey, Robert

Second Advisor

Leary, Cody


Mathematics; Physics


optical fiber, optical nanofiber, force, torque, trajectory, light, birefringence, anisotropy, anisotropic particle, kyanite

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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