This independent study explores two-person zero-sum game theory. The paper begins by giving a brief history of how game theory was founded. Next the basic definitions of game theory problems are given to help understand the structure of a game. These definitions allow for a section about two-person zero-sum games to be written. In this section lies a proof of the minimax theorem, which is one of the main theorems in game theory. The next chapter shows a few of the different ways to solve two-person game-theory problems. Knowing what these problems are and how to solve them helps create a real life example. The problem in this paper analyzes a game between the pitcher and a batter in a baseball game. Taking data from the 2011 major league baseball season, a game theory problem was created and solved. The solution was then analyzed to help understand optimal pitch selection.


Hartman, James




Applied Mathematics

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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