In this Independent Study, I have attempted to adapt Dragon Age: Origins, a fantasy role-playing game, to a season of television. This was both for the sake of testing my own creative abilities as well as to answer questions that I myself had about adaptation in general and on the commonly heard belief that adaptations from video games are, in particular, inherently lower quality and a lesser art form. For the sake of this project, I looked into articles, books, and videos on the study of adaptation and video games, as well as several examples of video game cinema. In my critical section, I lay out my overall thoughts and conclusions about my process and the works that I consumed, both those that held an important aspect in the creation of my script and some of the works that did not. Further, I discuss several of the specific decisions that I made over the course of the project. On the creative bulk of the project, we have an outline of the adapted season, which discusses the overall plan for the course of a first season. It gets a tad rough towards the end, where I’d rather not have plans set in stone, but the outline paints an overview of what to expect. Last, but certainly not least, is the script for the first episode, an example of how each episode will be created from the outline. Provided more time and a team of writers larger than myself (as would be usual for a television series), I would have liked to write up all of the first season into scripts, but this will have to do for an Independent Study.


Wingard, Leslie






adaptation, video games, television, screenplay, dragon age, creative

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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A set of notes that encompasses my thoughts on a number of related topics that did not make it into my critical portion.



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