The broad purpose of this study is to explore multiple perspectives on high-tech AAC use among high school students with ASD. More specifically, the goal of this study is to understand the knowledge parents and SLPs have about high-tech AAC, the factors that lead to a successful experience with high-tech AAC, opinions about training for the program or device, as well as the training to help the student generalize from the therapy room to the home or other locations. The researcher examined the literature about ASD and AAC. Looking at formal and informal training, selection process and the ability of the student to express themselves. Electronic surveys were distributed to SLPs and parents who have children or clients with ASD and who use an high-tech AAC device. Findings from this study conclude that more training for parents and SLPs is needed in order to confidently interact with the AAC device. Furthermore, more research is needed in order to get a better understanding of what specifically is needed in order to have successful training experiences.

Keywords: ASD, AAC, SLP, AAC training


Furey, Joan


Communication Studies




ASD, AAC, SLP, AAC training

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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