In order to respond to the demands of life in an effective way, it is important to be surrounded by an environment that is conducive to stress reduction. As a consequence of changing culture and consumer demand, new ways to help provide people with alternative medicine, such as the use of dogs or other animals, have been suggested as a treatment method that may be safer, more efficient, or more cost effective. A study was conducted to examine the affect of exposure to dogs, through a video, on stress. Participants were assigned to either a dog or truck video group. Both groups encountered either a stress or no stress condition. There were some significant results for between-subjects and within-subjects after analysis of variance. The video stimuli affected the level of stress after the dog video at a significant level. However, the stress/non-stress condition did not have any significant affects on the level of stress. These results offer some support as a reflection of previous research regarding stress and dogs however they are subject to limitations in the methodology.


Clayton, Susan






stress, stimuli, dogs

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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