This Independent Study thesis examines and recovers state identity and analyzes its impact of the degree of success of independence movements in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Catalonia. Through a constructivist theoretical framework, this study will examine and analyze cultural artifacts to conclude if there is a social construction of a coherent state identity that is present in each primary text. This study will then look at the depth of revolutionary (independent) identity through the degree of language of sovereignty and if it was a factor in the degree of success of an independence movement. This will be measured through the medium of the presence of “language of sovereignty” and accomplishment of political objectives by the governmental body of the established independent movement. It is hypothesized that if a coherent revolutionary and independent state identity was a key foundation in an independence movement, then language of sovereignty will be present in written and oral cultural artifacts. In addition, if the identity of a political organization is central to its cause, it will be associated with a degree of success through identity-based policy enacted into law. This study concluded when independence is central to a state identity, then the independence movement associated with it should be more successful. In addition, it found that that independent state identity was present in the examined pieces of evidence, but the level of independence varied in the three cases, ranging from fully independent to not or minimally independent.


Valdez, John

Second Advisor

Dr. Kent Kille


Political Science


International and Area Studies | International Relations | Other International and Area Studies


Republic of Ireland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, IRA, Republicanism, Catalonia, Sovereignty, Independence, Independent, Freedom, National Identity, State Identity. Independence Movement

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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